5 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Mini Quad Bike

Mini quad bikes are renowned for their durability, however, you will need to maintain your bike to make sure it is in full working order, doing this may sound harder than it actually is. A Mini quad is a smaller version of a quad bike this includes the frame and engine size making it slightly easier to clean and look after. If you’re a bit lost when it comes to maintaining your mini quad, just follow the simple tips below and it should all become clear.

Keep your quad clean
This seems to be an obvious point but it is easy to forget to clean your quad after taking it out. The build-up of dirt and mud can end up having a serious impact on your engine and other parts of your vehicle. Also the build-up of dried on dirt can also be quite difficult to remove if you allow it to build up, all it takes is a quick spray with the hose pipe after taking it out and you can have a shiny new ride.

Ways To Maintain Your Mini Quad Bike

Regularly and thoroughly check over your quad weekly
You will need to regularly and thoroughly check over your mini quad, as this will allow you to see if any damaged has occurred whilst in use. It is advised for you to check over every part including the small things. Most mini quads are now electrically powered, however you can still purchase mini quads which require fuel. If you own a fuel powered quad, bear in mind you will need to make sure that no damage to the fuel pipe has occurred whilst in use. This is crucial therefore you will need to regularly check this.

Check the breaking system
It is absolutely essential to check the breaking system of your quad, despite the breaking cables being very durable you will need to make sure your cables are not damaged such as the cable being trapped. It is also wise to make sure to check your breaking system to make sure there is enough oil applied, if there isn’t you should be able to tell due to your quad not operating smoothly.

Check the handle bars
One of the most common things to wear down on any quad is the handle bar grips as they are in frequent use. If your grips are starting to wear down or rip you should replace them straight away as not having a proper grip on your handle bars will affect the control you have over your vehicle.

Check the bodywork
Mini quads are designed for off-roading therefore it comes as no surprise that the bodywork of your quad may get damaged from time to time. The bodywork for your quad will most likely be made out of plastic, despite the plastic being designed to be durable it is highly recommended to replace any bodywork once it is cracked. It is also necessary to check the joints and bolts below the plastic as the impact of the plastic being hit could loosen them.

Owning a mini quad bike requires only a little bit of maintenance, however it is crucial for you to keep on top of your maintenance checks before they spiral out of control.

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