5 Christmas Food Temptations To Give In To These Holidays

People are always saying how they are gaining weight during the Christmas season, and this is probably a true fact. So many goodies are laid out before humanity that no one can resist. It's okay to indulge in the following treats, just make sure to get to the gym once the season is over.

Christmas Cookies

You simply must indulge in Christmas cookies during the holiday season. In all honestly, during what other time of the year can you have such treats? Let the regular cookies and cakes stay on the store shelves, but don't say no to baking your own batch of Christmas treats or accepting one from a friend.

 Christmas Food Temptations

Egg Nog

When you think of Christmas beverages, egg nog is probably the first one that comes to find. Indeed, this is truly a fatty one. However, once again, it's really only during this time of the year that egg nog is around. At other times of the year, it's almost impossible to find it on the shelves of the store. Now, don't go home and have a glass of egg nog every night, but a couple of glasses on Christmas Day is just fine.

Specialty Christmas Goodies

Have you ever seem a wreath made out of dough and then topped with cream cheese and vegetables? If not, it's time to look up a recipe for it. This treat, often served as an appetizer on Christmas day, is delicious. It doesn't have to be excessively unhealthy either. Opting for whole wheat dough and fat free or low fat cream cheese helps to make this Christmas wreath a lot better for your waist line. Even if it's made in the regular way, just grab a handful of vegetables with a bit of dip and leave it at that.

Food Temptations To Give In To These Holidays

The Holiday Party

Many companies throw parties for their employees, and some try to stick with a strict diet. You'll likely need to order off of some sort of fixed menu or, at the very least, stick with an option that the restaurant offers. Don't pass up on tasty foods when the rest of the staff orders some appetizers to share. When it comes to dessert, offer to split one with a coworker, so neither of you has to eat a ton of calories but can still indulge.

The Pies and Puddings

Speaking of dessert, Christmas has a lot to offer in ways of pies and puddings. From Yorkshire pudding to a warm pumpkin pie, you might not see these favorites again until next year at Christmas. Don't go overboard, but having a slice or a small bowl-full is just fine.
Remember, you do not have to eat a huge plate stacked high with all of these treats. All you need to do is sample your favorites and take a serving size of the ones you really love. Try to exert a bit of control but still have fun this year.

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About the Author:

Megan is a chef at Dedes Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Megan loves Christmas, and these are some of her top Holiday temptation foods that she loves cooking for family and friends.

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