5 Awesome Careers That Allow You To Travel The World

Some jobs are ideal for travel lovers, but are simply not reachable for many people. Pilots, flight crew, and sailors will naturally get to see the world, but there are other jobs that can take you to all corners of the world that you may not necessarily have associated with travel.


Depending on the type of journalism you go into, you could wind up extremely far from home, reporting on matters in front of a camera or behind a pen. Whether you are reporting on foreign political matters or are delving into the world of travel writing – the world of journalism is one of the most open to travel and can result in quickly changing locations and situations.
Careers That Allow You To Travel The World
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Going hand-in-hand with the journalist - someone has to hold the camera! While some cameramen will be on location permanently, others will travel with their roving reporters. Those who go into filming documentaries can find themselves situated in some rather remote locations, the likes of which the average traveller is unlikely to ever visit. The world truly opens up in front of the lens.

English Teacher

English is the most widely spoken language in the modern world -- as you will have undoubtedly noticed when travelling abroad -- with an estimated 750 million people worldwide speaking English as a secondary language. As a result of the widespread use, it requires many teachers all around the globe. Teaching the English language to both children and adults can allow for significant travel opportunities in many countries. This job is more of a permanent position than the others on the list, but you could also find a role that requires you to travel from school to school in a temporary capacity.


Companies will always require consultants to come in at some stage when their specialist area of expertise is required. This can lead to being called out to unexpected countries and on multiple occasions, as the nature of consultation means that check ups will have to be conducted to make sure the transition has been successful and to address any further problems that should arise.


You will have seen the footage of bands such as The Rolling Stones and Oasis rocking up in Buenos Aires and playing to audiences of hundreds of thousands, but you probably will not have considered the size of the crew that is required to put on world tours. For concerts of that size, the crew can number in the hundreds, but even smaller tours will take roadies around with them to carry equipment and soundcheck instruments.

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