4 "Must Make" Foods for the Holidays

The holidays are all about spreading cheer, spending time with family and friends, and of course, the food. There are certain dishes that make you realize that the holidays are actually here. Some of these dishes may just be holiday staples that are made during this time of year, and others may be family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

There are plenty of must-have foods during the holidays, and the following are four recipes you must make.
1. Green Bean Casserole
You want to make sure that your holiday feast contains a vegetable, so you might as well make it a tasty treat of green bean casserole. There are different varieties of this dish traveling around, so feel free to use the one that sounds best to you. Though they don’t vary by much, most green bean casserole dishes consist of milk, cream of mushroom soup, green beans and crispy fried onions. Not only will your family absolutely love this dish, but it’s so easy to make too, so it won’t stress you out during the already stressful holidays.

Foods for the Holidays

2. Ham
Ham is a very common dinner item during the holidays. There are plenty of ham recipes that you can choose from to decide how you want to prepare your ham. Not only is it extremely tasty for dinner,  but it tastes good both hot and cold, making it great to snack on well after dinner is over. Plus, there are plenty of recipes out there that use ham as an ingredient, so all of your leftovers will certainly not go to waste.

3. Cookies
Nothing says the holidays like a wide variety of cookies. If you don’t spend at least one day during the holiday season baking cookies (or at least one day waiting in line to buy pre-made cookies), then you’re not doing the holidays the right way. Cookies are not only great to snack on, but they also make great gifts to other people. Plus, you can always use cookies as a way to get people together during the holidays by holding a  cookie exchange or a bake off. And with all the cookie recipes out there, you can try different recipes every year.

4. Potatoes
Whether you like them baked, double baked, stuffed, mashed, au gratin or any of the other million ways to prepare them, potatoes are a holiday staple that needs to be found at the dinner table. The nice thing about potatoes too is that you have the option to cook them however you wish, so your family could enjoy a different type of potato every year if you so choose. Plus, potatoes can be used again the next day in casseroles or fried up and served with eggs or toast for breakfast, so you don’t have to worry about leftovers going to waste.

There are certain foods that need to be made during the holidays, and green bean casserole, ham, potatoes and cookies are four of the basic foods that make the holidays feel like, well, the holidays.

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Julie Myers
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Julie Myers is a professional chef with her own small restaurant.  She has recently been sharing some of her favorite holiday food recipes on her blog.

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