10 Reasons Why You Should Own A Mini Quad Bike

Over the past couple of years the demand for mini quad bikes has increasingly grown year after year. If you are not completely sold on the purpose of a mini quad bike then read below for five informative tips on why you should be purchasing one for Christmas this year!

1. They are safe for children to use.
Mini quad bikes for children are specifically design to accommodate for a child’s smaller frame, meaning it’s safer for a child to ride.

2. They come in a range of different engine sizes.
Engine sizes vary from 49 cc to 110cc, it all depends on the skill level of the driver in question to which engine size is required. However if you’re concerned about the speed your child will be traveling then opt for a 49cc which can only reach speeds of 25 MPH.

3. They are perfect for off-roading.
If you are a true adrenaline junky then you will love a mini quad bike as they are perfect for off-roading, enjoy hitting the dirt track at speed whilst whizzing through all sorts of different cornering.
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4. They are available in a variety of funky colours.
Make sure you purchase a mini quad which reflects the rider’s personality. Whether you want a bright pink quad for your daughter or a lime green one for your son, there is a range of different colours and styles to suit every rider.

5. They are durable.
Quad bikes are designed to be long lasting, you can push them to their limits and they will still work, which is why they are perfect for taking off-roading!

6. Owning a quad bike is a great low-cost hobby.
Most people consider quad biking an expensive hobby, however, the most expensive thing about quad biking is just purchasing the quad in the first place. Due to popularity, mini quads are now less expensive- once you own one the most of the hard spending is over.

7. You don’t have to be highly skilled to be able to operate a mini quad.
Mini quads come in a variety of different engine sizes, if you’re new to operating a quad bike then stick to a smaller engine size, this way you can get used to controlling one.

8. Most quads come with a guarantee service.
Due to the durability that most mini quads boast, most companies now offer a guarantee service of 2 years.

9. Maintaining your quad is easy.
Maintaining your mini quad is essential if you want it to be in the best working condition. You can easily purchase very affordable parts online, just make sure you give your quad a good wash after using it.

10. They are lots of fun!
With mini quad bikes rocketing in popularity more and more off-road tracks are opening for riders to enjoy. Before you may have had to travel quite a distance, but now all it takes is a quick Google to find your closest off-roading circuit where you can join in with other adrenaline junkies and have fun.
A mini quad bike is designed to be fun, durable and easy to use so why not treat yourself or your children by investing in one.

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Leisha Hankin
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Written by Leisha Hankin, a blogger for Funbikes- A company which specialises in a wide variety of bikes, bike spares and mini quad bikes.

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