Why Women Will Eventually Rule the World:

You may think that we are still living in a male dominated world, with all of the top positions of power and influence being taken by the male of the species. Fair enough there may be a token female in a position that seems to offer power, but what is the betting that at some point she still has to report to a man. But according to the underground movement there is a New Girl order afoot which looks set to see women take control of the world and start setting about making things right.

Statistics are showing that in the future there will be a greater number of women than men occupying the planet. Right now the majority of countries in the developed world have a higher proportion of women than men. You do the maths, with the percentage of the female population increasing and the number of males diminishing it seems only natural that they should start picking up the slack in the offices of world power. Add to this the fact that traditionally the life expectancy of a female is longer than that of a male by approximately seven years it’s no wonder that the men are being outnumbered. More men meet their maker following acts of violence than women do, and more men are killed in the workplace every year than women. In addition to all of these factors health conscious women are more likely to be following a low calorie diet which research has shown means that they are more likely to deliver girls when pregnant. It seems like the men aren’t doing anything to try and stay on top. It seems that we can all look forward to a word fragranced with potpourri in the future.

Why Women Will Eventually Rule the World:
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What Can a Man Do?
Well for a start he needs to stop finding ways to end his life early. Start driving more sensibly, avoid playing dangerous sports and take jobs that don’t carry a high mortality rate. According to the Fisher principal most animal populations, including that of us human animals, we naturally settle at a ratio of males to females of about 1:1. Believe it or not all the odds are in the favour of the male at birth, but their odds of success suffer as their age increases, with the female population slowly starting to take over so that the ratio looks something like 0.75:1 in the favour of women. These are the current statistics; the way things are progressing in the future the ratio could look something like 0.50:1 in their favour.

So as a man you are probably daunted by the fact that the world is going to be over populated by women? In which case you are probably letting that brain in your pants rule your logic. Think about it, these are going to be old women, the women that always make their way to the voting booths and always have opinions on how things should be done. Still think it’s a good idea?

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