What Happens to Gifts After We Have Gratefully Received Them?


The Thought That Counts

Is there a bigger cliché in terms of buying and receiving gifts? We don’t think so, especially when it comes to trying to gloss over the fact that you really don’t like a gift that you have received, or that you didn’t have a clue what you might buy a person for whatever special occasion.
Unfortunately, any amount of thought being put into buying a gift isn’t able to control what happens after they’ve been unwrapped and the false smiles and contrived thanks’ have been put on display.
So, just what happens to gifts after they’ve been “gratefully received?”

What Happens to Gifts After We Have Gratefully Received Them?
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Loved and Cherished

Obviously, it would be very cynical of us to suggest that every time someone gets a gift that they secretly hate it. A child’s toy, for example, is something that is likely to be always played with and be very much loved and cherished.
Sometimes, in fact probably more often than not, we love the gifts we receive. Many will take pride of place on display in our house, or quickly become a child’s favourite plaything. Those gifts that we really love are the ones we look forward to unwrapping year after year. We all have relatives and friends who we can rely on for great gifts, and get excited for them coming over at Christmas or on our birthday.

Quick, Find It!

As with anything, there is another side of the coin, the one that sees us always get something from an adorable friend or relative that we really don’t like the look of. You know what we’re talking about, the ornament that looks like it came from a cheap tat shop or out of a dodgy overpriced catalogue that we immediately put on the sideboard to show how much we love it.
Perhaps the funniest part of receiving these gifts is the mad scramble to get it out of the cupboard whenever the person who bought it unexpectedly turns up at the door. You find it just in time; let’s hope they don’t notice that it isn’t as dusty as the other things on display in your house!

Just Get Rid of It

Rachel from Friends was notorious for donating her unwanted gifts to thrift shops, or taking them back to the shop for a refund. Many gifts will come with gift receipts nowadays, so it’s really up to you whether or not you want to risk offending whoever bought you that really “thoughtful” thing by either immediately ditching it or trying to get a refund!

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