What Can I Take In My Hand Luggage?

There are some restrictions and guidelines that need to be followed when using aircraft in the United Kingdom. Hand luggage is controlled by size and its content with the most restricted item being that of liquids. Any non essential items should be packed into your suitcase to avoid any complications before take -off. If it is unavoidable bringing liquid in your hand luggage then there are some steps that need to be followed before you will be able to fly.

Liquids include drinks, water, soup and syrups and cosmetics such as perfumes, toothpastes and shower gel.The liquid cannot be anymore than 100ml It should be a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag in 1 litre in size and 20cm x 20cm 1 bag is limited per person and must be shown to security at designated points. The only item allowed through security over 100 ml is essential medicine. This must be clearly labelled and be obvious medical matter. The medicine that is present must be for those travelling.

What Can I Take In My Hand Luggage?
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1 lighter per person is prohibited onboard and should be placed inside the clear plastic bag.
Being Prepared Saves Time!
Any non essential items should be placed in your suitcase and not carried on the flight. This will save time at security and prevent any need for security teams to search your bags or delay you as you process through security. Please be aware that additional time should be allocated to process this part of the airport which can often become busy and time consuming.

It should be remembered that although liquids are not allowed through security such as water and any soft drinks, it is possible to purchase items beyond security which are allowed onboard. This also includes liquids such as perfume and any toiletries. Many duty free items such as alcohol are placed in airport affiliated carrier bags and are sealed after purchase preventing any tampering or security risk.

What Hand Luggage Bag Should I Use?
There are various different types of hand luggage available to purchase online and in the high street shops. Traditionally these can include a small backpack style, a holdall or duffle bag styles. Each type of bag boasts various different features and advantages depending on the size, organisation and spaced required. Deciding the best hand luggage bag for you allows you to start your holiday stress free and stops long waits before going onboard.

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