Using A Temperature Probe When Cooking

Temperature probes or thermometers mean that you’ll never have an overcooked steak or have to cut into your chicken to see if it’s cooked ever again. Temperature probes are great to have in the home, and are an essential instrument to have in any working kitchen. A temperature probe is made from a steel rod which is fixed and wired into a thermometer; in cooking, they are mainly used to check the temperature of any meat products that are cooking, although they can be used on any food to check that they have reached a temperature which makes them safe to eat.

Using a temperature probe is really easy;
First you should insert the probe into the food at the thickest point – it must be the thickest point in order to get an accurate reading. You should also make sure that the probe is pushed in avoiding fat and bone.

Using A Temperature Probe When Cooking
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There’s a variety of thermometers and probes that you can buy; depending on the type that you decide on will dictate how you use it. Some of the thermometers can be exposed to high temperatures for long periods in which case you should stick the probe into your food before cooking and leave it in while it’s in the oven. Others you should use like a general thermometer and each time you go to check your dish stick the probe in and wait for the temperature to register. Although you should always follow cooking guidelines if you’ve set the oven to cook at the recommended temperature for the recommended time and it’s not hot enough then you should extend the cooking time accordingly. If the food’s not hot enough then don’t rely on the cooking instructions rely on the temperature probe to tell you when your food is ready. After each use you should always wash the thermometer thoroughly in hot soapy water.

Temperature probes mean that you no longer have to guess whether or not your food is cooked properly; they can measure the internal temperature of any food stuffs. This allows you to make sure that the food is cooked to a temperature that is safe to eat – once the food is at a safe temperature it means that all harmful bacteria, such as salmonella and E-coli, have been destroyed.

Temperature probes are especially important when cooking any meat products including poultry, roasts, ham and casseroles they’re also great for checking other risky food such as egg.

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