Top Three Reasons To Install A Wet Room

One of the positive changes that a lot of people are drawn by when they update their bathrooms is the possibility of turning the space into a wet room. A lot of people have an idea of the perfect bathroom and they want the changes they make to come closer to that ideal. Updating the bathroom is a big job and it often makes sense to bring about a major overhaul of the space.

So what are the particular advantages of having a wet room instead of having a traditional bathroom space?

Top Three Reasons To Install A Wet Room
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Comfort is one of the major things that people look for in a bathroom renovation. One of the things that contributes a great deal to the comfort of a given room is the amount of space available. Wet rooms essentially open up the space in the bathroom. They bring items like the shower into an open space that is no longer cramped or uncomfortable. Getting the heating and lighting right also makes a wet room a delightful little space that is warm and cosy to spend time in grooming yourself.

The convenience of a wet room is something that few people doubt. A lot of wet rooms are finished on the walls and floors with good quality tiling that is actually exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. A wet room of this kind can be cleaned quickly by mopping the entire surface area of the space – there are few nooks and crannies requiring special attention using other techniques.
Then there is the convenience of greater access to a larger shower space and to all of the other elements that make up your perfect bathroom. A simple and open bathroom space is often the way forward for individuals, couples and families.

Then there is the fact that modern wet rooms can be peerlessly stylish. Style is important even in the most practical parts of the house and you can really make an impression by installing a wet room in place of your regular bathroom. The atmosphere when you enter the room is immediately transformed by the beautiful tiling, the lovely fixtures and fittings, the warmth, the superb lighting and the sheer space available to use.

Wet rooms are modern and they are welcoming. They are also visually appealing and eminently useful. This makes them a great choice in houses with multiple bathrooms and in houses with a single bathroom space.

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This article was written by Seamus Fitzgerald, designer of Bathroom Showers and fittings.

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