Top 5 Holidays in the UK

A boating holiday to the Norfolk Broads is sure to satisfy all members of the family, and even solo travelers can marvel at the wonderful variety of bird life that flocks to this wetland sanctuary. The Norfolk Broads are widely known as a breeding place for many different bird species; migrating flocks detour to the Broads to rest, feed and even take advantage of the lush greenery and plentiful water in the area to nest and raise their young. Boating holidays in the Broads first started in the late 19th century with yachts being available to hire since 1878 and quickly gained popularity due to easy access to the area by train. Now declared the largest protected wetland in Britain the Norfolk Broads has been awarded special status equal to that of a National Park. People come from all over to enjoy the waterways, windmills and windswept beauty of the Broads from the comfort of a boat which boasts all the mod-cons of home.

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Founded as a mere borough in 1207 and rising to city status by 1880, Liverpool sprawls along the estuary of the Mersey. Liverpool’s music heritage alone is enough to attract the interest of visitors from all over the world. Coupled as it is with fabulous architecture including six separate ‘World Heritage Sites’ and the cachet of being European Capital of Culture 2008 it is clear that Liverpool is a magnificent encapsulation of all that is excellent in the United Kingdom. The Albert Docks which features the Beatles Experience, the new and excitingly angular Museum of Liverpool and the fabulous retail treat that is Liverpool One, all combine to make a holiday to Liverpool one of the most action-packed visits ever.

Torquay offers a mild climate thanks to its location in the far south-west of the UK and the scenery is simply stunning, bright colourful houses nestled on the sides of hills with the ever-present sea gently washing the shingle on the beach. The region has been inhabited since prehistoric times as evidenced by remains and tools found in the area at the unique Kent’s Cavern. The gentle climate is appreciated by all visitors; even the Romans visited Torquay although they never settled in the area. Torquay has much to offer the visitor, from stunningly beautiful natural scenery, to the elegant Pavilion to the remains of the 1857 bathing beaches as well as activities for the younger generation.
Manchester is almost in the exact heart of the United Kingdom mainland and the thriving city has adopted the best of all its many visitors. Established nearly 2 000 years ago as the Roman fortress city Mamucium which lay near the confluence of two rivers. Manchester remained a manorial township until relatively recently, but then boomed in the 19th century, becoming an industrialised hub of textile commerce. The plentiful rain was perfect for the blossoming trade and Manchester soon become the most industrialised city in the UK. Connected to the sea by a network of canal links Manchester today is famed for two major league football teams, stunning and venerable architecture including glimpses of the industrial past of the city. Retail opportunities are plentiful in Manchester and the cosmopolitan visitor will not have the chance to try out all the pubs, clubs and eateries that abound in the region.

Llandudno in Wales is a beautiful sea-side town, known as the ‘Queen of the Welsh Resorts’ since 1864, just proving how long the beauty of the area has been attracting visitors. Deliberately developed as a tourist town Llandudno features a wide Victorian promenade along which attractions, rides and vendors of all types vie for the trade of the visitor. The towns library is the starting point for the ‘Town Trail’ a carefully designed walk which enables the visitor to follow historic Llandudno through the mists of time up to the modern conveniences of today. Llandudno is perfect for families wanting a seaside holiday, couples desirous of a weekend getaway, or singles looking for some fun, sand and companionship.

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