Things To Think About When Buying A Tailor Made Suit

There are certain events when a man should look his best and a properly tailored suit is the equivalent of a women’s little black dress – the perfect statement – it says just enough without being in your face.

The thing that sets a tailor made suit apart from the rest is the quality; however, most men will rush to buy big name brands like Boss and Cerrutti. These big names are great but they don’t give the same level of quality and the same great fit as a tailor made suit so if you like the style of the big names but want the quality of bespoke then the best thing you can do is take a picture of your desired look to a tailor and ask him to replicate the look in your suit.

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The first thing to do on your journey to the perfect suit is find a reputable tailor. Top tailors are usually pretty easy to find in big department stores and on the high streets of big cities. If other members of your family have ever had a suit made for them then they’re sure to be able to recommend a tailor to you. If not, turn to friends and even colleagues for their suggestion.
Once you’ve found a suitable tailor, the next step is to choose your fabric. It’s the fabric that you choose which will dictate the overall price of your new suit. The fabrics are graded and most tailors will offer grades from around 80s to 180s; a fabric that has a grade above 110s is classed as extremely high quality however, if you go for the highest 180s fabrics then the final price of your suit will be enough to buy a new car. As long as you don’t go for the highest quality fabrics you shouldn’t worry about the price. Because you aren’t paying for a brand name it’s likely that you’ll pay around the same price for a higher quality suit.

Next is the measurement; your tailor will take all of the measurements that he needs in order to make your suit fit like another layer of skin. Throughout the process of your suit’s production you should maintain contact with your tailor and always give feedback on anything he shows or asks you. He needs your cooperation and he can’t make the suit that you want if you don’t tell him what it is that you want so you should explain to him how you want your suit to look, how you want it to hang and fall.

Don’t forget that with a bespoke suit you can make it your own so customise it with specific buttons or pocket shapes; customising your suit will not only make your suit unique, it will make it stand out in a crowd and impress your friends and family.

At the final fitting both you and the tailor will go over every little detail of the suit and if you are both fully satisfied then you pay and walk away. However, you should not hesitate to ask if you’d like some adjustments making as, at the end of the day you’re paying a lot for the suit so you want it to be perfect.

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