The Value of a Family Holiday

With work capacities increasing for most individuals all over the globe, many people decide not to have an annual holiday. However, recent research has discovered that vacations/holidays are in fact very important for the emotional well-being of a modern family.

The Value of a Holiday: Psychologists have found that holidays are essential for the psychological well-being of families. Along with creating an great memories, holidays provide bonding-circumstances between family members and offers them a brief relief from the daily grind of work, school and the rest of the ‘real’ world.

Children on the whole, adore holidays and are usually easy to please. A recent study by psychologists found that children were happy being away from home, provided that there are captivating activities for them to keep themselves busy with.

The Value of a Family Holiday
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Emotional Gain: Even the anticipation of going on vacation/holiday has a positive impact on an individual's emotional happiness. Recent studies have shown that families who planned holidays and had a holiday to look ahead to during the year, have less negative feelings, and are happier within their family and financial status than individuals who did not.

Family Communication: Involving the children in discussions about where they would like to go is also essential. Surprising your children with a safari trip, only to discover that one of the kids has a phobia of elephants - is not going to leave them good experience and memories. Suppose you and your spouse wants to go tour around Hong Kong, whilst your children would prefer to experience the adventures of Disneyland? The secret successful family discussions lies in communication between all the family members and settling on a compromise.

Once a family discussion concerning the holiday goes well, it can have a positive impact on how well the holiday goes. Kids who feel that they’ve shared their opinions on what they want for their holidays are much more enthused and well-mannered.

Nervous Children: Not all kids are delighted by the idea of going on holiday, since for some kids, particularly the younger ones - being away from home for a long time produces a sense of anxiety. Therefore, it is important to sit down with them so as to hear about what is making them feel anxious about going away. Young kids usually don't have any sense of time and might feel that they are leaving forever, or they might simply be scared of going to a strange place. In cases like these, parents should explain to their kids that going on holiday are only temporary. You should give your children plenty of reassurances that the holiday will be a fun and that you will be home before they realize it.

Family holidays have almost become a necessity in current times, so takes your – You DO need it.

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