The US Stereotype That Says The Brits Have Bad Teeth

Many Americans subscribe to the view that all British people have terrible teeth. If you're from the UK and you have good teeth yourself, this can be somewhat frustrating. No-one likes to be ridiculed, even if it is only by association. In a Simpson's episode, Lisa was once shown 'The British Book of Smiles' by her orthodontist. Surely it isn't acceptable to be perceived this way.

But where does this view come from? Do Brits really have such bad teeth? The problem is that what many British people might think was an acceptable set of teeth might seem hugely irregular in the US where cosmetic dentistry is very much the norm for children. It depends how you define 'bad teeth' and in this regard, American standards are probably higher.

The US Stereotype That Says The Brits Have Bad Teeth

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It's perhaps time that something was done about it and fortunately, that is probably what is happening naturally anyway. Although many adults still have irregular teeth, it is more and more common for children to have braces or other forms of orthodontics. This means that future generations won't support this stereotype, but can't more be done today?

If you're out of your teens, it might seem strange to have dental work carried out, but why should it? Why do we associate orthodontic work with youth? The truth is that if you have some flaw with your teeth, you can probably get it sorted out, so why wouldn't you take that option?

If you lost a tooth while playing sport or through some sort of accident (hopefully not through neglect) then you would probably have it replaced with a false tooth. This too is cosmetic dentistry. Clearly teeth matter to people, so why do they often only have work done when something bad has happened?

Perhaps it will change over time and British adults will embrace dental work. We see signs of this in the growing enthusiasm for teeth whitening procedures. Perhaps these processes are slightly less intimidating, but again it is all about improving your teeth and improving your smile so that you look better.

So if you're a Brit, look closely at your mouth. Do you have cracked, crooked or missing? Do they overlap? Are they an unappealing colour? If you suffer any kind of dental defect whatsoever, why not get it sorted out? You'll be doing your bit for the country, battling a stereotype that leaves Brits as the butt of American jokes.

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