The Planet's Greatest Fashion Disasters - 10 Trends To make You Weep

I could weep at the truly staggering catalog of disasters visited on us over the years by the fashion industry. To make matters worse they seem to run out of ideas every so often and bring these nightmares back to haunt us for second time. If I live much longer I might be around to see the third incarnation of some of them, god help me! Here are my ten worse fashion trends in history bar none:

1970’s Patterned Tank Tops

Yes I mean those horrific pieces of multi-coloured knitwear worn by men and woman alike in the decade of bad taste. Could anyone have dreamt up a less flattering item of clothing than sleeveless jumpers with horizontal stripes and Pringle-like triangles?

The Bay City Roller Look

Who could forget the mid 70’s abomination of cut off trousers with the addition of tartan stripes down the side and the essential tartan scarf worn around the wrist? We should have done the world a favour and strangled ourselves with the scarves.
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Never mind “does my bum look big in these?” what about your legs? These monsters gave everyone fat legs and no hips and were a safety hazard with all that material flapping around and getting caught in everything you care to mention.

Tie Dye

Who thought it was sensible to walk around in clothing that looked like you had thrown up all over it? These brash multi-coloured nightmares disrupted your vision and looked like the artwork of a 3 year old. Tie dye is now showing its ugly head again, go away!

Shoulder Pads

A strange form of 80’s power dressing that gave woman shoulders like brick layers and made them all look like they had escaped from the set of a science fiction movie. I should know I was one of them! The stars of American TV dramas like Dallas Dynasty seemed to have inspired this hideous look. Dallas has just returned, hopefully shoulder pads will not.

Leg Warmers

Definitely the fault of TV series Fame and the movie Flashdance, these knitted nightmares in neon colours gave everyone legs like elephants in the 80’s. Anyone wearing these should be arrested immediately.

Velour Track Suits

These “leisure suits”, often in garish colours, were an absolute must in the 90’s. Sadly they never seem to have gone away. There is still a proliferation of idiots walking around our streets in what appear to be their pyjamas. Someone really should have a word!

Platform Trainers

Don’t get me started! Why would anyone create or wear a pair of shoes that make your feet look enormous? Add to that the unfortunate gait of the wearer (something like a yeti), and the perils of breaking your ankle and they are beyond comprehension.


Well I had to save the worst until last. These are my pet hate and are just plain ugly. Loud, poorly fitting plastic shoes with complimentary holes, what is that all about? They may have a purpose on a beach but other than that they should be banned for offences to fashion.

The Future

My list is not definitive and will surely be added to in years to come. I can only imagine what history will make of the current trends in fashion but there are sure to be some horrors lurking there somewhere.

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