The Five Minute Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs made a roaring comeback about two years ago. Prominent cities throughout the East and Mid-Western United States saw booming populations of bed bugs, and the infestations were non-discriminating. Reports were coming from hotels, houses, apartments, wealthy neighborhoods, low-income neighborhoods and everywhere in between.

Our education and understanding of bed bugs has come a long way in a few short years. The possibility of bed bugs is a quick guess by many who think they may be excperiences them, and not an outrageous theory.
While the horrer and fear of bed bugs has subsided to a large extent, they still exist, their methods of travel and breeding have not changed, and they don't plan on going anywhere soon.

The Five Minute Bed Bug Inspection
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Here are the first three places you should look anytime you check into a hotel

1. The furniture. The first thing a lot of folks do once they get to their room is plop their luggage on the nearest chair or bed. Stop right there! Put your bags on a hard suffice, like the bathroom. Go back and check the borders and corners of any upholstery on chairs and sofas. Specifically the stitching were the cloth creates a wedge in the material - a great place for bed bugs to hide.

2. The bed. There's nothing like a clean and freshly made bed when you're on the road, but the first thing you need to do is take off the comforter and pull back all the sheets, exposing the mattress. Check the stitched corners of the mattress like you did on the furniture. Bed bugs are visible with the naked eye, so if they are there then you should have no problem spotting them. As gross as it may sound, blood spots on the sheets are also another clear indication of bed bugs.

3. The headboard. This is by far the most common place you will find bed bugs in any hotel. If it is not attached to the wall, pull the headboard away from the wall and take a look. They are protected from human interference behind the headboard and wait patiently until it is time to feed at night. To explain this further, when you are sleeping soundly in your bed, they sense the emotion of carbon dioxide from our mouths and noses. They "see" by heat and carbon dioxide sensory, so our breathing and body heat are essentially telling them where to find us.
Upon leaving your hotel room, check and double check our luggage as well to make sure you're not stowing away any unwanted passengers. Storing your luggage on a table or on those luggage racks is always a safe and reliable method.

Safe travels!
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