Thai Village Food Markets

Food markets can spring up just about anywhere in Thailand. Some of the village food markets are so popular that the food markets are recreated in other parts of the world. In Brixton, London for example there is a weekly village food market which sells shrimp, noodles, jasmine rice and grilled chicken to Londoners and has a feel of a Thai village food market. Similar markets exist in New York, Toronto and Rome.

 Phuket Markets
In the Thai resort of Phuket there are several great markets selling fish, fruit and Thai Pad (noodles). Phuket is well known for its fresh and delicious tasting fish dishes and here you can buy fish caught the same day. Fruit stalls at the village market will sell you cold and fresh fruit and it's not simply a case of buying an orange and walking away trying to peel it. The vendor has much of the fruit packed in ice and will chop it up into bite size pieces, serve it to you in a bag and offer you a plastic or small wooden utensil to eat the product out of a small bag or tray. This is a great method of eating awkward fruits such as pineapples or guava fruits.

 Bite Size Pieces
The vendor may also dip the fruit into a sugar and salt mix dip or a chilli dip if the customer requests. The village food markets do not only sell a selection of fish, fruit and noodles. There are squids and pancakes, peanuts and confectionery on offer too. Some stallholders have a charcoal grill and deep fat frying utensil attached to the market stall so they can offer food on the go. It is possible to eat a deep fried fruit or meat item from these stalls. Deep fried chicken and pork are the more favored delicacies by many tourists and locals alike.

Thai Village Food Markets
In the above image that is courtesy of the Gogo Florist blog, you can see lines of stalls. In the foreground on the right is oyster mushrooms that is next to stringy ginger. On the other side is a drinks stand and a stir fry seller.

The vegetables can be marinated before serving the meats for those wishing to eat on the go but most people come to the markets to buy food at cheap prices and stock up for their families where they will cook for the coming week. Often the customers will gather at the markets before a big festival to celebrate with real Thai food specialties. When Thai people celebrate a national holiday or a water festival, it is common for many to help the celebrations along with a well cooked fine meal using the tastiest ingredients and fresh fish or meats.

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