So You Want to Host Your Own Fashion Show

Around the world, the fashion show is often the end result of years of designers putting their talents to work; just one night marks the climax of design, production and presentation. The importance of getting it all right on one night is why there exists the perception that backstage, fashion shows are hectic, stressful and downright chaotic. So why would anyone want to put themselves through organising? Besides all the preparation and the immense space for things to go wrong, hosting a fashion show, be it in mall stores or on a Parisian runway, is a lot of fun. With this in mind we’re going to share with you what one needs to do to organise one of their own.

So You Want to Host Your Own Fashion Show
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Putting a Team Together

The first thing typical fashion shows in London, Tokyo or any other industry capital of the world goes through is picking the force behind the scenes they wish to have involved. In a lot of ways organising a fashion show is similar to producing a film. You’ll pick a crew you wish to have in your corner; this includes models, designers, photographers, make-up and styling artists. The models, depending on who you have access to, will either showcase the main product with flair or draw in crowds because of their own reputations; this is why Naomi Campbell will get exposure over what she wears for example while lesser known models will gather a reputation by the designers they showcase. Fashion show tickets are also more desirable depending on the designers that are involved; either their personal brand or the aesthetics they provide are going to pull in the crowds.

Designing the Show

Photographers are important to make the legacy of the fashion show last while etiquette near the catwalk is to give these important artists right of way. The make-up and styling artists aren’t as important as the other roles but many a fashion show has been made or broken by their work. A collaborative effort between designers, organisers and even photographers will be important for the construction and design of the catwalk you’ll use. Once you have all these pieces in place, the event will run itself; fashion shows in 2012 have come a long way since they were first produced much the same way technology has advanced film production.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Designers will pick the clothes the models you’ve provided will wear and in some cases even pick the music of the fashion show. At the end of the day, a fashion show is like a wedding in which our own high expectations can cause us the stress we don’t need; there is always going to be a little hiccup or two but keep a cool head will guarantee that at the very least you have a good time.

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