One Size Does Not Fit All: Leasing A Corporate Apartment Comes With Options

If you are relocating for work, your company will most likely offer you a relocation package that includes temporary housing. Even if you are only being sent on a temporary assignment for your employer, you will still need to find accommodations. One of the options available to you is a corporate apartment.
Most relocation packages include a comfortable budget for leasing a corporate apartment, house, or hotel room during a work assignment or permanent relocation. Many companies also employ relocation specialists who will help you to find the right temporary home for your needs. A specialist will also be able to assist you with many of the other details regarding your move.

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Enjoying A Taste Of Home While On The Road
A furnished apartment offers many of the comforts of home. You'll have access to a variety of amenities, ranging from daily maid service to full privileges at a fitness facility or health spa. As an alternative, an extended stay hotel offers apartment-like suites to its customers. Depending on the circumstances, it can be an appealing and affordable option for employees who are in the process of relocating.

Of course, there is also the old stand-by, a traditional hotel room. These can range from standard to business class accommodations. There are also upscale, luxury accommodations available to high-profile and senior-level executives.
The market for corporate housing has grown dramatically in the last ten years due to the economy and other market factors. The accommodations are an affordable and comfortable type of temporary housing. Roomy apartments offer all of the amenities of home, including a fully equipped kitchen, towels, linens, entertainment devices, and a corkscrew and two wine glasses. Many apartments also come with DVD players, flat screen televisions, and even the occasional hot tub or swimming pool.

Choosing Temporary Housing That Meets Your Needs
Depending on the relocation budget of the corporation, fully furnished quarters will range in size and in the number of amenities offered. All utilities will be covered by the monthly rental fee, including internet access, cable TV, and local phone calls. Movies on demand may incur an extra charge. If you are working with a corporate relocation specialist, you'll be able to request the kinds of amenities you would like to have available to you.

For example, you may be an avid jogger, and would enjoy living near a park that has a number of jogging paths. Or you may love to swim, and strongly prefer that the temporary housing complex where you will be living has a good-sized, heated swimming pool.
Additionally, it may be important to you to attend church services or temple services in your new city. Staying in a fully equipped condo or apartment located near one of these facilities can usually be arranged with the housing provider. Requesting these types of amenities and locations is an acceptable practice.

Another Option: Extended Stay Hotels
Extended stay hotels offer an apartment-like setting with the security and service of a hotel. There are usually a variety of such hotels from which to choose in any large city. The type of corporate housing these facilities offer is similar to a furnished, business class apartment. Linens, towels, kitchen utensils, a television, and a computer docking station are standard amenities at such places. Daily maid service is also provided upon request. Extended stay hotels are designed to blend the welcoming, comfortable feeling of a fully equipped condo with the convenience of a standard hotel room.

Living In Comfort When You're Away From Home
Leasing a corporate apartment is becoming more and more popular since this type of housing offers all of the comforts of home. The amenities provided with the apartment will vary depending on the location and the class of accommodation. Extended stay hotels are also an affordable option for those who need temporary corporate housing. For short-term stays, a business class hotel room or suite of rooms is usually a convenient option.

Ultimately, you deserve to be comfortable in your living space regardless of your reason for leasing it. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to remain away from home. With that in mind, corporate housing is fast becoming one of the most attractive options available.

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