Men's Fashion for Winter 2012

Men do not always pay as much attention to fashion as women do. Men's casual fashions change slowly; a man can easily get away with wearing the same type of clothing for years. This does not mean that he should. He can use clothing to express his confidence and unique personality without seeming feminine. Fortunately, it is not difficult to begin embracing fashion. Updating one's wardrobe is as simple as embracing contemporary cuts and color palettes.

Men's fashion has seen a recent return to rugged masculinity after a few years in the androgynous hipster realm. The currently favoured boxy silhouettes do not reveal much about the figure underneath. Winter is a good time to embrace new fashions, since the need to wear heavy layers makes it easy to transition from immature bagginess to sleek adult fits.

Men's Fashion for Winter 2012
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Plea coats are closet staples Every man should own a double-breasted wool coat in a dark color like black, charcoal gray or navy blue. The thick wool holds its shape well, so the wearer is given a strong silhouette. The collar can be popped up for warmth or for appearance's sake.

Wide horizontal stripes are the natural progression of the thin ones that have been popular for the past few years. Only one striped item can be worn at a time. A striped scarf looks great when draped over the aforementioned pea coat, especially if one of the colors matches the coat. The other color will usually be white, which will stand out as the sole light color in the ensemble. Another way to wear broad stripes is on a shirt or sweater. A loosely-knit lightweight sweater can be worn underneath a coat or jacket that is left unfastened. The stripes are going to be the focal point of the outfit, so no other competing patterns should be worn.

Slim-fitting jeans cleanly tie any look together. The jeans do not have to be skin-tight. They only have to be fitted enough to avoid looking sloppy. Many men are not comfortable wearing fitted jeans at first, but they quickly grow accustomed to looking sharp and tailored. Dark jeans without sandblasting and other decorative details make the best impression.

This winter's fashions are classic and strong. This is the perfect time for a young man to embrace his latent sense of style. This is the rare season during which being fashionable can actually make a man look even more masculine. The pieces that are purchased this winter will become the foundations upon which a new sense of style begins to develop.

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