Make Your Kitchen Family Friendly

The kitchen is without a doubt the ‘headquarters’ in most family households. Creating a space that is not only great for cooking and preparing family meals in, but serves each family member individually is a great way to ensure you are getting the most from your kitchen. In this short piece, we’ll take a look at how you can optimize your kitchen to ensure it is clean, spacious and most of all, family friendly.

In the UK and America alone, around 1 in 6 people become ill from foodborne illnesses. Before getting into the handy items that make a kitchen family friendly, it’s important to make sure our kitchen habits are too.

Make Your Kitchen Family Friendly
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Begin with regularly washing your hands using anti bacterial soap and water; washing your hands between each step of meal preparation (especially if some steps involve handling raw produce) will greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination and keep the family’s meals healthy and safe.
Keep raw meats and other raw food separate from ready-to-eat food in the refrigerator. Again, this will reduce the risk of cross contamination and keep the meat out of the way of kids when they reach in for their favourite juice or snacks.

Kitchen Dwellers
If you have a large or open plan kitchen, you have a lot of space to experiment with. Adding space for your family to gather not only makes dining more convenient, but also creates an area for your family to sit down and talk, spending that priceless time together.

Add a dining room table big enough to seat the whole family. Use placemats and coasters to keep the table stain free, and display stylish cutlery and crockery to add a little extra class to the area. The family will enjoy sitting down together at the new table and can chat away without the distraction of television. If you have a breakfast bar area, add enough bar stools to seat the whole family to ensure no one is forced to eat breakfast or lunch in the living room.

For the extra spacious kitchen, a sofa or added seating area could be ideal; this allows the family to sit, relax and enjoy a drink while chatting with each other in the kitchen or waiting for a meal to be prepared. This can also come in handy for any parties or get togethers you may be having; cracking open a bottle of wine and entertaining friends in the kitchen area where all the beverages and snacks are kept is a great way to throw a party.

A family kitchen provides a spacious, clean and safe environment for everyone to gather in, from the young ones to the home cook! Appling just a few of these tips in your kitchen can help create a much more family friendly space.

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