How to Secure the Best Last-Minute Holidays

Do you have a friend who somehow always finds amazing flight deals online? Or a colleague who always seems to have several holidays lined up, despite having the same just-about-pays-the-bills job as you? It’s easy to suffer from an attack of the green-eyed monster when all your friends, family and colleagues seem to constantly be jetting off on holiday, but with a little time and effort (and not too much money) you can too. Follow these tips and your dream holiday is but a few clicks away – don’t forget to send us a postcard!

How to Secure the Best Last-Minute Holidays
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Wait, But Not Too Long
Once upon a time, securing a last-minute holiday was easy. In the days before low cost flights were just a few clicks away, travel agents were chomping at the bit to fill empty seats and package deals. Now, the longer you wait to book your trip, the higher your fee is likely to be. Make the most of flight sales and aim to plan any ‘last-minute’ trip that involves a flight at least two months in advance.

Ask Around
There’s no shame in putting your hand up if you’re not sure where to look for the best last-minute deals. That’s why forums are your friends! Sites like Trip Advisor have reviews and forums with lively discussions about the best locations, accommodation and prices. All you have to do is ask the right question, and you could find some great last-minute deals.

Don’t Be Picky
Last-minute deals are unlikely to be for you if your list of holiday requirements covers five sides of paper and then some. One of the joys of a last-minute trip is the spontaneity and the potential for adventure. You need to be prepared to be flexible and go with your gut. So your dream trip to Paris is too pricey, well how about Eastern Europe or the Mediterranean? Broaden your horizons and you could have the trip of a lifetime.

Compare, Compare, Compare
If you want to get the best rates, you need to use every tool at your disposal. Log on to hotel comparison sites, flight checkers and forums to ensure you’re getting the best possible price. You can even compare travel insurance and vehicle hire too, ensuring you pay the fairest price.

Take a Gamble
There are lots of ‘secret’ travel sites at the moment that are great for last minute accommodation or city breaks. You could stay in a five star resort for half of the price of the other guests but there is one catch – you won’t find out the name and exact location of the hotel until you book. Sites like these are great for thrill seekers or those looking for short breaks, and can add an additional element of excitement to planning your getaway. Shop a week or two before your trip to find the best reductions.

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 Gavin Harvey
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Gavin Harvey is a personal trainer with an insatiable appetite for travel. When he’s not exploring the world, Gavin blogs for Hotelopia and loves to jet off on last-minute holidays with his partner, especially on European city breaks.

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