How To Protect Your Home Against Inclement Weather

Part of protecting your home against inclement weather is protecting the carpet flooring from damage that could occur from muddy feet or flooding. If you keep your carpet clean and protect it from flooding as much as possible, it will last much longer.

Muddy Feet: Place a straw mat outside the door so that people can get most of the mud or sand off their feet. Just inside the door, place a 4-foot wide length of carpet inside the house. You can remove the carpet when it’s nice outside, or if it’s decorative enough and you like it, you can leave it there. If the length of carpet is at least 6 feet long, any moisture or remaining dirt on shoes will stay on the carpet remnant instead of on your carpet flooring.

How To Protect Your Home

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Pet Prints: If you have dogs, they are inevitably going to track mud into the house. Unlike people, they’re not going to wipe their feet. Keep a spray bottle of high-traffic carpet spray cleaner and a rag on hand. Also, keep a box of unscented baby wipes near the front door. When the dog comes in, wipe most of the mud off its feet with the baby wipes. If the dog tracks in any mud, spray the paw prints with the spray cleaner and wipe it up with a damp rag.

Flooding: Sometimes flooding cannot be stopped no matter what you do, but you can try to prevent flood waters from entering your house if the flood is only a few inches above your door sill. If you are in an area that tends to flood in heavy storms, keep four to six sandbags for each door. When you expect to get hit with a flood, place the sandbags in front of all of the doors. Pile them at least two high. If the flood waters don’t get too high, you will protect your carpet flooring.

Wear and Tear: No matter how hard you try, your carpet is going to take some abuse in inclement weather. After three or four storms, you may want to have your carpet steam cleaned Before the company leaves, walk over the carpet in a pair of socks. Your socks should be wet on the bottom by the time you walk across the room, but should not be dripping water.

Keeping your carpet clean in inclement weather keeps you from having to steam clean it too often and keeps the carpet looking new. When using cleaners, always check spot check the cleaner the first time you use it. If you spot check it in an inconspicuous corner, you’ll find out ahead of time if the cleaner discolors or otherwise damages the carpet.

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