How to Have Fun Shopping Without Actually Buying Anything

Successful retailers have always paid great attention to their shop windows endeavouring to create attention grabbing displays to stop potential customers from simply walking on by and then deploy various means to keep us in the shop once we have decided to cross the threshold.

In recent times these features have gone interactive as it seems there is nothing better at generating sales than customer interaction at the point of sale. You can actually have some terrific fun whilst you are shopping these days if you find yourself in the right place at the right time. Gone are the times when a few Christmas decorations would do the trick these days you can play your way down the high street!

Great Windows

The fun can start before you even enter the shop as interactive windows are using new technology to suck us in before we think of moving on to the next store. In 2009 Diesel installed interactive windows in 5 flagship stores across Germany to promote their “Destroyed” brand.
The windows utilised motion tracking to turn the entire display into a giant video game where amazed shoppers could control the weather in the window causing storms and high winds and even destroying the items on display.

How to Have Fun Shopping
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Such displays can also be used to raise money for good causes as well as attracting customers. In 2011 Selfridges launched Project Ocean to raise awareness of environmental issues and highlight the problems of over fishing. The campaign featured an interactive window complete with animated ocean and coral reef. When consumers donated to the cause their own personal fish was released into the display!

Window Browsing

A new system from Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Germany now makes it possible for people to browse goods in shop windows using 3D Camera systems. 4 cameras record the positions of the hands, heads and eyes of passers-by to detect which item in the window they are interested in and display detailed views and information of the product for them.
Customers can even make purchases via the system without so much as touching the window let alone entering the shop. This puts a whole new spin on the idea of wIndow shopping!

Inside the Shop

If we ever manage to pull ourselves away from the exciting store windows there is plenty of potential fun inside the shops as well.
Technology abounds with more interactive displays but also more traditional and novel entertainment. If you are visiting Las Vegas a trip to the FAO Schwarz toy store affords the opportunity to climb onto the giant piano from the hit Tom Hanks Movie “Big” and play chopsticks with your feet or if golf is more your thing you would have enjoyed Lyle & Scott’s contribution to Wool Week in 2012.
The company constructed three woollen putting greens at their Covent Garden store for customers to practice their skills and doubtless to ensure they weren’t going anywhere in a hurry!

Have Fun Shopping

Whether new technology or traditional sports are your thing it is amazing what entertainment you can find whilst shopping with no purchase necessary! It is all, of course, a sales tool for retailers to grab our attention and keep us in the store but even if you do end up spending some money you can at least have some fun parting with your cash.
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