How to Create Curb Appeal in Winter

Keeping your property looking good in the spring and summer is pretty straightforward. Cutting grass and pulling weeds can go a long way and create appeal to either potential buyers or make your home the talk of the neighborhood. In the colder months, it can be a little tricky (and a pain) to get outside and make your home stand out.

There are, however, a few easy ways to create curb appeal in winter. By using these simple tricks, your home can shine even in the cold dreary winter months. It is important to consider curb appeal because it gives value to your home. If your house is on the market it is important for potential buyers to see a good looking yard. Some buyers will not even leave their car if they do not like the look of a house. Even if you are not looking to sell, it is important to maintain property value and curb appeal can play a role in that.

How to Create Curb Appeal in Winter

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The first step to creating winter curb appeal is to shovel the driveway, as well as any sidewalks and potential walkways. This is not only functional, but it sets the stage for a very clean, neat look.  While taking care of this, it may be useful to check out the garden and remove any dead plants and weeds.  After this is done, consider adding some seasonal shrubberies or pines to add some color to the front yard.

Another simply step is to use pots and planters. With snow on the ground this can add some color that may blend well with any new additions you make. If you already have planters, consider adding a touch up or paint to make them pop even more. This will give your yard a fresh look and increase appeal to outsiders.

A fun way to increase curb appeal is to get festive. Break out the holiday decorations and lights and show off a bit. This also adds color and shows good spirit toward the neighborhood. Putting a wreath on the door, wrapping the mailbox with artificial greenery and placing bows on lawn fixtures is a sure fire way to make a home stand out. Also, having a creative light display can show off your creative side, and be a beacon to on-lookers in the area.

When winter comes it is easy to stay inside and stay warm, letting the lawn go and not worrying about clearing off the sidewalk. But taking pride in your home and making the yard stand out (in a good way) can be rewarding in more ways than one.

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