HD or Not HD: Unmissable Movie Moments From the Comfort of Home

When flat screen televisions first hit the high street they were seen as a magical luxury to be gasped at in a shop window display. It wasn’t unusual to receive phone calls from excitable friends and family members inviting you round to marvel at the unveiling of their latest indulgence. Like tourists marvelling at one of the 7 Wonders of the World, you would huddle around the TV set discussing its functions and features and all before the set had even been switched on!

Time For Your Close Up
How times have changed. Be it Plasma, LCD or LED with HD or 3D, one thing is for sure, having a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own living room is becoming as normal as popping to corner shop to buy a newspaper. With picture and sound quality being so high and readily available, here are some tips for the top movies that are worth a re-watch in your home cinema.
Return with Ripley for Eye-Popping Alien Action

HD or Not HD: Unmissable Movie Moments
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Now officially a ‘Quadrilogy’, go right back to the beginning of the ‘Alien’ franchise and feel like you’re taking each step with Ellen Ripley as she battles to wipe out the predatory aliens that have wiped out her shipmates. This is probably worth watching in HD purely for John Hurt’s big scene in all its gory detail!

Apocalypse Wow
‘Apocalypse Now’ is surely worth watching purely for the experience of US Army choppers coming down to land with the sound of Wagner’s ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ booming out of your speakers. Add that to the visual atmospherics of the jungle boat ride building up to the final, shadowy Sheen/Brando face off and you have the makings of a home cinema classic.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Living Room
Tight, taught, thriller ‘Heat’ is an amazing ‘cat and mouse’ tale that will have you on the edge of your seat. However, the main talking point of the movie is the much-anticipated meeting of Hollywood heavyweights Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. As their two characters go head to head in their one shared scene, watching every flicker of their eyes in close-up is like a personal acting master class.

Shaken and Stirred
Although slightly stereotypical to assume, Casino Royale might be one for the girls! Yes, Bond is back. Yes, Bond is better than ever. Yes, there are more realistic action scenes and mind-blowing stunts than ever before. However, most importantly, there is Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean in tiny, tiny pants. That might be something that the discerning young lady may wish to check out in HD!

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