Hardwood Floors Or Carpet?

The choice between hardwood floors and carpet can often be a hard one to make; there are so many reasons to have each one that the choice cannot be resolved easily. You can eventually eliminate one and reveal the right choice for you; this is easy once you’ve established its purpose, your budget and preference.

The cost will be a huge factor that determines whether you choose a hardwood floor or a carpet as hardwood floors are usually more expensive than carpet. However, the cost of each depends on the quality and that you choose. You also have to consider the cost of installing either type of flooring that you choose; again hardwood floor installation also costs more than carpet installation.

The maintenance of your floor is another important factor to consider. Hardwood floors are really easy to clean and exceptionally child friendly whereas staining a carpet could spell disaster. If you damage a hardwood floor then it can be refinished too whereas if a carpet is damaged beyond repair then the whole carpet will have to be replaced. Carpets will require vacuuming at least three or four times a week to keep on top of the dirt that builds up in the fibres. Hardwood floors on the other hand may need a quick brush every few days but other than that and a mop once or twice a week it will require no maintenance whatsoever.

Hardwood Floors Or Carpet?
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Hardwood floors will also last much longer than carpets. They are hardy and durable unlike carpets which may last ten to fifteen years at the most. Hardwood floors will last much longer and if they’re cared for properly they could even last a lifetime.

If it’s comfort and warmth that you’re looking for then carpet is the obvious choice but if you think that you’d prefer the practicality and longevity of a hardwood floor than just spruce it up with some rugs that will keep your feet warm and comfortable too.

Hardwood is a much more sustainable source than carpet and carpet is becoming a huge problem at landfill sites. Hardwood flooring is the environmentally friendly floor choice as the growth of the trees is much quicker than the harvest. Caring for your wooden floor properly could mean that it out lives you; hardwood floors can last for generations, which is a promise that you will not get with a carpet.

If you suffer with allergies or respiratory problems then a hardwood floor is definitely the best choice. Carpet can trap germs, dust and other allergens which go deep into the base of the carpet. Hardwood floors cannot trap dirt at all because there is no deeper surface for them to be trodden in to.

When choosing your flooring it is important to go to recommended and reputable companies such as Just Wood Flooring.

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