Green Kitchen with Energy Efficient Accessories

Around 20% of the entire energy bill generates from making use of kitchen appliances and accessories such as lighting, washers/dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators etc. In addition, for each kilowatt-hour of electricity wasted or utilized emit around 1.34 pounds of carbon dioxide into our environment. Thus, while looking for new kitchen accessories or appliances, ensure that they are energy efficient.

Here are 6 ideas to make your kitchen more resourceful and efficient with the help of energy efficient accessories:

1.    Install functional skylights and windows
Skylights and windows are the most energy efficient methods to clear out indoor air and vapors from a kitchen. With adequate openings for stack and cross ventilation, you will need to use the exhaust fan only for evacuating the heaviest odors generated during cooking.

Green Kitchen with Energy Efficient Accessories
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2.    Use highly efficient ceiling fan
Ceiling fan increases natural ventilation by assisting in moving air throughout the kitchen. In addition, it utilizes less energy as well as is quieter than exhaust fans.

3.    Eliminate cooking fumes with efficient changeable speed exhaust fan
You can check the internet to get a highly energy-efficient exhaust fan with the feature of variable or changeable speed. The changeable speed feature allows you to utilize the lowest efficient setting helping to curb energy consumption.

4.    Make use of energy efficient and compact fluorescent lights
Fluorescent lights available today are much more efficient than the incandescent lights. For supreme quality experience, opt for lights with color yielding index of 84 or above and color temperature of around 3500 Kelvin or above and with electronic ballast and quick start features.

5.    Opt for energy efficient bulbs and lighting fixtures
Energy efficient accessories and lights help save a lot of money as well as preserve our environment by curbing pollution and the greenhouses gases produced by power plants. Energy efficient lighting utilizes around 66% less energy compared to standard lighting.

6.    Opt for on-demand hot water system
On-demand water heating system renders electrically heat water whilst waiting for the hot water from your heater to arrive at the faucet. On the other hand, an entire house re-circulating hot water system is quite inefficient in rendering hot water in a quick time.

Apart from these, get rid of all those old plumbing fixtures and replace them with new ones. This is because old plumbing fixtures are water squealers. Replacing options consist of knee-controlled, foot-pedal or aerator faucets that allow you to control water use in an easy way.
In case of any doubts, you may look for the Energy Star tag on the accessories or appliances that you intend to buy for your kitchen.

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