Getting Most Of Your Space

Space is a commodity which some people can no longer afford, especially those who live in urban areas where house prices outstrip wages by a considerable amount. However, we all crave space so we can live our lives in the best possible way. The feeling of having enough space around us makes us feel more relaxed and can be good for our well being. So how can you get more space when you can’t afford to move?

Fitted furniture
Fitted furniture is a great way to get more space in a home. Because the furniture uses every last inch of wall space or floor space all your belongings can be carefully put away so that your home won’t feel so cluttered. Fitted furniture also removes the need for those space-hugging free-standing units which don’t use the space you have effectively and eat up space in your room. Prices of fitted wardrobes are also very accommodating and because the design can be specified yourself you can use as much or as little budget as you want on getting a design which fits into your home.

Getting Most Of Your Space
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Loft conversions
If you have a loft and you aren’t using it to its full potential you are literally wasting space. Many homes have a loft which is otherwise classed as dead space. Some people store things in their loft but it shouldn’t be used as a storage facility – it should be converted into a usable room. A loft conversion can give you an extra bedroom or an extra study, if you have space you might even fit another bathroom or shower room in as well to further increase the space you have. And, the best thing about a loft conversion is that in 99% of cases you’ll recoup any money you spend as the increase you’ll see in the price of your house will far outweigh the building costs.

Kitchen extensions
If you have space a ground floor kitchen extension can really make a difference to the feel of a house. Everyone now wants open plan living which creates an airy environment in which to live. Your open-plan living design might include a kitchen/diner where you can entertain guests, or it might be a family room where you have comfortable sofas to chill, how you use this extra space is up to you.
It’s not impossible to get the extra space you crave, you just have to look at what you’ve already got and ask professionals to assess which rooms can be improved.

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