Four Dangerous Bad Habits and What We Can Do To Break Them

There are thousands of annoying little habits that people have. But only a few of them can actually be life threatening. Yeah it’s a pain if the person on the desk next to you is constantly tapping their fingers or cracking their knuckles, but it’s hardly the end of the world is it? But what if your bad habits are potentially going to cause issues later in life for you, but you just can’t stop?
Those who smoke probably no longer consider it a habit. It becomes a way of life. We all know about the dangers of smoking. This makes it very difficult for those of us who don’t smoke to understand why anyone would want to.  Smoking is not only a physical addiction but also a mental addiction, which is very hard to break

Four Dangerous Bad Habits and What We Can Do To Break Them
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Over Eating
Over eating is something we probably all do from time to time. Food isn’t a means to survive anymore. It’s a way of indulging ourselves. And if we’ve have has a bad day, or want to celebrate something, we can over indulge. But for some people it is an everyday occurrence, constantly over eating. This is a habit that is often deep routed, possibly starting in childhood, and it is very hard to overcome.

Some people seem to cheat on their partners time and time again. And some people never do. So why do the people who are serial cheaters do it continuously no matter who they are with? Some people cheat because they have low self esteem and need constant reassurance that others still find them attractive during a relationship. Some people are also addicted to the thrill of it, possibly adrenaline junkies. Every relationship they ever have will most likely come to an end. Whatever it is, cheating on every partner you ever have isn’t normal. There is probably a psychological problem that needs addressing.

Drink And Drugs
We all like a drink at the end of the week, and I’m sure in our youth some of us have dabbled with drugs, but when does it become an issue? Drinking and drug use is abnormal if- it is a daily occurrence, it is needed to leave the house or go to social events, it is stopping you from leading a normal life. Again these issues are psychological, most of us can have a few drinks and know when enough is enough, and know when it is acceptable to be consuming alcohol.

What Can Be Done To Break These Habits?
Quitting smoking and drinking seems obvious, but people who quit find it really difficult to keep it up. And saying you won’t cheat and you won’t over eat is easier said than done. We all have moments of weakness. That’s normal, but in these situations your moments of weakness can be very damaging. The only way to address these issues for good is to look at having hypnotherapy. Our bad habits are deep routed and unfortunately something we can’t change ourselves. Hypnotherapy accesses your subconscious and replaces the bad thoughts with positive ones. Making your bad habits a thing of the past

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Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Fix My Mind who specialise in hypnotherapy

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