Five Top Reasons to Upgrade to HardiPlank Siding

Many homeowners are looking for ways to upgrade their homes with products that will enhance the value of the home while they continue to live in it and will bring added value when they decide to sell. Houston HardiePlank Siding can help meet both of those expectations. There are many good reasons to consider upgrading to HardiePlank siding, including the following top five reasons.

Five Top Reasons to Upgrade to HardiPlank Siding

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1) Protection
Your home is your largest financial investment. It is also the place families spend most of their time. HardiePlank siding protects your home from extreme weather, insects, and decay. The weather in Houston has many extremes that take a toll on the homes and buildings. Extreme heat combined with moisture and humidity causes wood rot in many places. However, HardiePlank siding is created from cement and natural fibers, allowing it to stand up against the elements. When other sidings crack, rot, or fade, HardiePlank siding will still be strong and durable. Because of its durability, HardiePlank siding also protects against pests, notably termites. The protection offered by HardiePlank siding is so valuable, it comes with a 50-year warranty.

2) Beauty

HardiePlank siding is not made primarily from wood, but it has the beauty and warm appeal of the look of wood. It will hold true to its paint color for decades, much longer than wood. Also because of its durability, it will not crack or rot, adding much to the beauty of the exterior of your home.

3) Investment Value
Investing in HardiePlank siding for your home is a wise choice for many reasons. The 50-year warranty indicates the longevity of the product and shows the high standard of protection for your home. This siding also provides a higher level of insulation against the outside temperatures that translates into savings in the monthly utility bill. Should the homeowner someday decide to sell the home protected by HardiePlank siding, the added value will be reflected in the overall value of the home.

4) Low Maintenance
HardiePlank siding will hold its color for many years, saving time, money, and effort of the homeowner. The color choices are beautiful and will retain their beauty with little maintenance. The materials used in HardiePlank siding resist chipping or peeling, maintaining the curb appeal of the exterior.

5) Integrity of Installation
Having your home protected with Houston HardiePlank Siding installation is guaranteed to be the best choice. The homeowner has many options concerning color choice and design, but the job is not finished until the homeowner is satisfied with the total installation.

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