Five Reasons Why Men Struggle With Christmas Shopping

This is a Man’s World
There are some things, even in the 21st Century, that you could break down and say are more suited to either a man or a woman, without running the risk of being seen as sexist or ignorant in any way. It’s fair to say that Christmas shopping is something that you could easily put into that category, however it would be more difficult to ask why it is such an ordeal to most men.
We took a look at why men are rubbish when it comes to Christmas shopping.

1. They’re Such Men!

Let us elaborate. Men are only really good at buying gifts for, well, other men. Therefore, if you are sending a man to do the Christmas shopping for male relatives, you would think he would probably do okay. The issue comes when looking at gifts they have to buy for partners, or daughters. Men simply haven’t got a clue when it comes to gifts for girls, so where a collectible doll may have been asked for, don’t be surprised if he comes back with a Disney Princess one!

Christmas Shopping
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2. Money is no Object

It isn’t so much that men believe that money is no object, it is more the fact that they just buy the first thing that they see, that they know they need, and don’t think about whether or not they could have picked it up elsewhere cheaper, or whether there is perhaps a better alternative available.
This trend, too, is explainable.

3. Poor Planning

Yes, that’s right, the reason men spend so much money unnecessarily is that they are such poor planners that they often put themselves in a position where they have no other choice. It may be that they haven’t bothered to work out what they are going to buy yet, or have just done their usual trick and left it to the last minute.

4. Men are Lazy

This means that if they can’t find what they originally needed, there is no looking for suitable alternatives. The easy way out is to instead buy a gift voucher or card for the person, so at least they “can buy it themselves in January, when it will be cheaper anyway.”
Men are so thoughtful like that, aren’t they?

5. They Don’t Wrap

Okay, so this isn’t really linked to the Christmas shopping itself, but your chances of receiving a gift in a gift bag instead of it being wrapped are much higher if the man is in charge of the shopping.

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