Do You Smoke? Yes. Well We Won't Employ You Until You Stop!

A company in Japan has made a stand against smokers and refuses to employ them. The resort management company has over one hundred years of experience and ten of those are as a smoke free firm.

The decision to introduce a smoke free company was introduced back in 2002 in a bid to create a more efficient and healthy workforce. Studies show over half of all non smokers are angry over unfair smoking breaks given to smokers. Research carried out by Mr Wallet based in the UK found that more than half resent the time given to smokers. A spokesperson from Mr Wallet commented on the findings, ‘We were stunned. It’s amazing to think that a majority of the country is silently seething about the amount of time smokers spend away from their desks.’

Do You Smoke?
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Such findings may show support for the unemployment of smokers. However, the company involved has been met with some criticism questioning if these standards breech the human rights of smokers. Users of the social networking site Twitter commented, ‘I understand what they want to say, but it ends up being discrimination. There are alternatives, like making the entire facility non smoking.’ Yet others showed support, ‘I have a feeling that the policy of only hiring non smokers is going to become standard.’

The companies CEO released a statement detailing the reasons why they had decided to become smoke free, ‘If company A, where no one smokes, and company B, where everyone smokes, B is at a disadvantage from the get-go. The population is decreasing, we’ve plunged into a time of cutting back, and in this tough competitive age, companies should not deliberately accept being at a disadvantage from the beginning.’ The statement then continues to explain further benefits from only employing non smokers such as increased efficiency of the workforce and use of smoking areas in a more productive and useful space.

When applying for vacancies at the company prospective employees must answer questions about their interests and lifestyle, including one of which asks them about smoking. If they answer yes they are redirected to the statement above and must vow to quit smoking. Only in exceptional cases are smokers considered and of course if they promise to quit. A spokeswoman for the company said, ‘This policy has been in place for many years and has simply become standard for candidates.’

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