Do You Make These Gift-Giving Mistakes?

When it comes to giving gifts we all have different sorts of people we have to buy for. There’s the person that has everything, the person that loves surprises and that person you know will be happy with whatever you get them – to name just a few. Whoever you’re buying for though, isn’t it great when they absolutely love what you’ve got them? You can see it etched across their face as they tear at the last bits of wrapping paper. It’s the best part of gift giving so this should be the reaction that motivates you to find the perfect present each and every time. Sadly, we all know this is unavoidable for when it comes to certain situations or people but here are a few traps that you should definitely not fall into.

‘That’ll do’
If you ever here yourself say, out loud or in your head, ‘that’ll do in relation to a gift idea then you shouldn’t buy it. If you don’t really have faith its ability to please the recipient then keep looking. This response can often come about due to a lack of time or sense of frustration from traipsing through a variety of shops and still not finding anything appropriate. Try to avoid this by starting your search earlier. Sometimes it can be a good idea to just wonder through the shops at some point prior to the occasion with the person in mind and see if anything stands out. Then when it comes to nearer the time, you should be aware of some good places to start.

Do You Make These Gift-Giving Mistakes?
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The general gift
When companies advertised their products, you often hear things like ‘everybody loves…’ in relations to chocolates or smellies. While this may be true, it really doesn’t show much thought on your behalf, especially if you’ve done a similar thing before. The same can be said for gift vouchers. You might think these are a great idea as they offer the person a chance to buy something they’re definitely going to want but that is not the point of giving a gift. The beauty of giving someone a gift is that it shows how well you know them, how much you care and that you have found something that they themselves would buy. If you do want to buy someone chocolate at least personalise it with their name or something and if you do have to resort to the dreaded gift voucher, the least you could do if get one for their favourite store.

Not matching the occasion
There’s one thing worse than receiving a rubbish gift and that’s receiving a rubbish gift for a significant birthday. Everybody looks forward to certain birthdays such as their 16th, 18th and 21st because these are the important ones. Okay, maybe we stop looking forward to these landmark occasions the older we get but they are still the ones that are celebrated more feverishly and therefore deserve a bigger effort. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend more money, although this is often the case, it just means you should take more time and consideration over the gift. These birthdays can often be easier to buy for as there are many items on the market tailor made for these specific occasions.

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