Discover Eight Best Kept Secrets of Sydney

Known for its royal splendor and elegant style, the city of Sydney is one of the best travel destination that dot the surface of the earth. It is acclaimed for its rocky parkland, warm climate and tranquil harbors. It plays host to people with different cultures and traditions. It is a world of endless adventure. Here are eight must explore sites within this awe-inspiring city.

Eight Places to Visit in Sydney Australia
Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera house is an enchanting architectural marvel that was built to facilitate cultural growth and expression. It's a renowned structure that was designed to resemble a sea shell. Over the years, this symbol of artistic expertise has earned a strong reputation with thousands of tourists visiting it every year. Today, this building boasts many musical productions and numerous theatre productions in line with its architect's vision. Be sure to visit this amazing place to catch the best action in the world of theatre and arts.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is synonymous with Sydney's undying sea breeze and pristine sands. The name Bondi or Boondi is a local version of "noise water breaking on the rocks", this famous public beach plays host to thousands of tourists every year. There is a lot to share and enjoy on this beach. From the amazing cafes to the one-of-a-kind swimming and boating experience, this beach is nothing short of paradise on earth. If you're looking for a unique way to unwind, Bondi beach is your ultimate travel destination.

Sydney Aquarium
This is one of the must see features in the city of Sydney. If you're planning to take a trip south to Australia, a spectacular display of diverse aquatic life and habitats awaits you here. Being one of the biggest aquariums in the history of the earth, this massive oceanarium has numerous tunnels that allow tourists to sample Australia's popular marine life at a close range. Do not forget to share the fun with your close friends or members of your family.

Sydney Seaplanes
There is no better way to have a true Australian experience than by taking an air craft ride around this breathtaking city. Sydney seaplanes will provide you with a perfect opportunity to sample the cities picturesque islands, rolling mountains and beautiful islands- all at once. If you're thirsty for an all-in-one travel experience, there is no better way to quench your thirst than by taking this lifetime ride.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Located northwards from the city center, this huge steel structure is known for its unique design and beauty. It spans across a distance of over 240 km; along it, there are numerous gardens, nature reserves and parks. You should not wind up your tour of Sydney without visiting this stunning piece of human creation.

Sydney Botanical Gardens
Also known as the Royal Botanical Gardens, this 30 hectare piece of land is full of fun and adventure. If you want to take a walk along endless garden paths, this place will surely leave you yearning for more. In addition, this famous garden park offers the best Australian native dishes, scenic train tours, enchanting fountains and an amazing display of succulent plants.

The Rocks
Lying in the southern end of the famous Harbour Bridge is this 19the century village that can be better described as one of Sydney's best kept secrets. With numerous historical buildings and souvenir shops lining up its streets, the Rocks stands out as an ultimate tourist destination that is bound to leave you with lots of good memories.

Sydney Harbor
While in Sydney, do not forget to visit this beautiful place. It is full of unspoilt historical landmarks, contemporary jewelry, waterside precincts and stunning old-age buildings. Here you'll get the chance to mix with sailors, see huge cargo vessels docking and enjoy delicious foods. To get the most out of this elegant place, be sure to book an exotic cruise vacation with any of the top notch cruise operators around here.

There is a lot more to do and see in Sydney. However, the eight sites that we've listed above are the best ones that you should not fail to visit. It's our sincere hope that you'll have a good experience while touring this fantastic place. All the best in your travel arrangements!

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