Could You Live Without Online Shopping?

The internet is an invention that has changed how we live.  Whether we want to research information for a project, find out who that man is on the TV who we’re sure we’ve seen in something else, or to do our weekly online shopping for groceries: we find the internet a valuable tool.

Online shopping is both a gift and a curse, though.  It is a gift because it is convenient: we can shop anytime, anywhere.  It is also a great way to get a real bargain, or at least to make sure that we are not paying over the odds for our shopping: it is very easy to compare prices for pretty much anything across any number of sites.

It is a curse, though, because of how reliant upon it we have come to be.  Many people do their grocery shopping online, perhaps because they do not like going to supermarkets, or because they do not have time to do so when it is so much quicker to tap in their purchases than trail up and down the aisles looking for them.  Online shopping also helps to keep their costs down: it is easier to stick to a budget when you do not have to look at special offers on every aisle end, or at attractive packaging offering tempting goodies just at eye-level.

Could You Live Without Online Shopping?
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Shopping online is also brilliant for more significant purchases such as electrical equipment (once you know what you want, it is usually far cheaper to buy it online than in stores, since stores have overheads such as rent to pay).  For Christmas shopping it is great to go online with a list of what you want to buy and who you want to buy for and then make your purchases either in one go or spread out over a few weeks leading up to the big day.  Deliveries have become much cheaper (and are often free if you spend over a certain amount) and more reliable than in the past.

If you were to turn off your computer and go back to online shopping, could you live with the idea that you may be paying more in one store than in one down the road?  Could you stand the idea of having to go back again if the shop is out of stock of the item you want to buy?  Do you really want to have to drive to the shops, find somewhere to park and search through the store to find what you’re looking for?

On the other hand, online shopping is a very easy way to spend money, and that is not always a good thing.  Somehow tapping in your card details at the checkout feels less ‘real’ than handing over your cash or card in a store, and it is easy to run up debt.  Set a budget for your purchase and stick to it, or find a site that allows you to spread the cost of your online shopping over several weeks or months (beware of high interest rates, though – always read the small print!).

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