Caring For Sheepskin

Sheepskin is a luxurious natural fabric that deserves some TLC! Sheepskin garments can last a lifetime but only if you care for them properly. Here is a guide to looking after your slippers, coats and jackets.

Initial Protection

When you purchase your garment spray with stain repellent before you wear it. This prevents much staining and water damage and will also make any cleaning you do need in the future a lot as easier as moisture will not be able to penetrate so deeply. Re-spray your sheepskin once a year or after any cleaning.

Caring For Sheepskin
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Store any sheepskin items in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. Damp can cause the formation of bacteria and direct light causes fading and sunspots. Use a sturdy hanger for coats and jackets to help maintain their shape and never use plastic bags as they stop the fabric breathing. If you do want to pack any garment away use a breathable garment bag or acid free tissue and boxes.

Regular Care

A regular brush will do your sheepskin the world of good as this will remove any particles of dust and debris and restore the nap of the skin. You can even use your hoover! If your coat or shoes are stored for any great length of time, get them out every so often to air in a cool, dry atmosphere.

Minor Marks

If your garment has a small area of staining try to remove it by wiping gently with a damp cloth. You can also use a proprietary shampoo but check the instructions as these may only be for the skin or the wool, not both. If you use any cleaning solution test it first on a non-visible area of your item. If the stain is liquid one such as a drink or grease, before trying to wipe it away sprinkle with corn starch and leave for 24 hours before brushing. The starch will absorb the liquid and may lift away the stain.

In The Car

Some fabric seat coverings in cars can pull fibers from sheepskin. Use a woolen rug to sit on to avoid any damage.

Wet Through

If your sheepskin coat or shoes gets thoroughly wet, swab out as much moisture as you can and then hang to dry naturally at room temperature. Do not apply too much pressure when swabbing as this can push moisture deeper into the fibres. Never use any artificial heat source like a radiator or hair dryer. This can seriously affect the natural oils in the skin and cause stiffening and shrinkage. Once dry, gently brush to remove watermarks from the pile.


If all else fails and you need to clean your sheepskin then take great care with it! Never use a washing machine or tumble dryer. Wash by hand at low temperature, in as little water a possible and use a sheepskin shampoo. Ordinary detergents can contain enzymes and bleaches which can damage your treasured items. Ensure your shampoo can be used for the entire garment and wash each item separately. Skins and wool can contain dyes which will run and so you would not want to wash your pink sheepskin slippers in the same water as your cream jacket! You can also dry clean your sheepskin but use a specialist in the care of skins as they will treat them to replace essential oils after the cleaning process.

Years of Enjoyment

If you look after your sheepskin well it should reward you with years of comfort and warmth. The appropriate care is not difficult it just takes a little time and effort to achieve great results.

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