Bring Warmth into Your Bedroom This Christmas

The bedroom is the one room in the house which should be modified for maximum comfort; nothing beats a cosy bed and warm, comforting surroundings to warp up in at night or relax and read a book in. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some simple ways to turn a cold, plain bedroom into a warm, comforting haven, perfect for relaxing in.

Use of Color
The first effective way you can add a warmer ‘vibe’ to your bedroom is replacing cold and pale colours with warm autumn colours. Deep reds, browns and deep oranges as well as dark wood materials contrasted with clean cream tones looks welcoming, warm and extremely comfortable. Apply a colour scheme chosen strategically from some of these colours to walls, curtains, blinds and bed sheets to create a consistent look that warms the heart.

Bring Warmth into Your Bedroom This Christmas
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Applying the right fabrics in your bedroom can make a huge difference to how welcoming and comfortable the room is. Light, flimsy bed covers and blankets are great for staying cool during summer, but during the winter when a cosy bedroom is more important than ever, it’s wise to change to a thicker and softer blanket (with stylish covers that match your new colour scheme!). Thick cotton, or even faux fur make for the ultimately luxurious addition to any bed or sofa and are sure to prove comfortably warm when you wish to relax.

Adding a few items to the room which are made from dark oak or other wooden materials such as bedside tables, vintage chairs, mirror frames and even fire surrounds to act as mantles can add that cosy ‘log cabin’ feel.

Effective Accessories
By adding a few choice accessories to your new cosy bedroom, you can add subtle yet effective dashes of warmth without having to make too much effort. Buy scented candles and place them around the room to add a warm glow and a comforting smell during long, chilly winter nights; ‘winter scents’ such as spiced apple can help create a great atmosphere, whereas ‘fresh’ scents are better suited to summer months.

Big squashy pillows and beanbags are perfect when it comes to relaxing; picking up your favourite book or switching on the TV while sinking into a comfortable beanbag is sure to give you that cosy winter feeling.

So there we have some simple ways to transform a plain, chilly bedroom into a visually warming and welcoming haven.

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