All About Laser Acne Treatment

All About Laser Acne TreatmentAcne afflicts almost every teenager at some point in their lives, and can last long into their adult lives, too. There are so many different treatment methods to choose from, and selecting the one that actually works can be a real challenge. Treatments range from changing the diet to topical home remedies to oral medications. If you watch TV for more than five minutes, you'll see solutions created by dermatologists promoted by well-known celebrities.

Many people are turning to laser or light therapy to help with their acne problems. Within this treatment modality, there are a variety of combinations of applications. Some start with pulsed light along with suction, or a combination of vacuum and laser technology. Some incorporate the entire spectrum of treatments, including oral medications and guidelines for a healthy diet.
Laser acne therapy is carried out in an acne clinic by well-trained and highly-qualified professionals who use high-grade laser equipment. Typically at least six treatments are needed, spaced out over about a month.

Types of Laser Acne Therapy
Blue laser light treatment - This is designed for mild acne only. It isn't effective for blackheads, whiteheads and cysts.

Infrared laser light - Similar to blue laser light, but treating moderate acne as well.
Photo pneumatic therapy - This is an advanced laser acne treatment utilizing pulsed light in a vacuum. It can be used to treat sebum and excretions from the pores.

All laser acne treatments are designed to kill the bacteria that cause acne as well as greatly reducing the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous gland. The laser procedure shrinks the sebaceous gland, thereby inhibiting oil production.

Benefits of Laser Acne Therapy
-Reduced redness
-Reduced skin discoloration
-Removal of red and brown spots
-Removal of broken capillaries
-Reduction in pore size
-Improved skin tone and texture

Laser Acne Treatment Considerations
-Keep in mind that the results of laser acne treatment are often uncertain and the same treatment plan does not necessarily work for everyone. It's best to employ topical or oral treatments first.
-Laser acne treatment results may be temporary.
-Laser acne treatment is more expensive than other treatment methods.

Select the Best Acne Clinic For You
Selecting the best clinic is important. Most clinics have web sites where you can check out the services they offer. If the clinic has a social media presence, such as a Facebook or Twitter page, that is a fantastic way to learn more about the clinic. Search online for "acne clinic" followed by "Facebook" or "Twitter." Check the site itself for a Facebook or Twitter icon.

Visit the Clinic For a Consult
When you've decided on the clinic you want to work with, call and schedule a consultation. The medical professionals will answer your questions and provide you with a prospective treatment plan.
Laser acne treatment can work well for you, but it shouldn't be undertaken without a lot of thought and research first, as well as consulting your medical doctor.
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