A Loft Conversion That Your Child Will Love

Children love to have their own space while they are growing up – space to play with their friends, do their homework, or just escape from Mum and Dad. By offering them their own bedroom at the top of the house, it will seem like an exciting hideaway when they are young, and as they grow up it becomes a quiet space to work, or a sanctuary to escape the pressures of teenage life.
 Benefits for all the family

A Loft Conversion That Your Child Will Love
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The whole family will benefit from the extra space provided by converting the loft:
  • It may free-up a bedroom for guests that was not available previously
  • Extra storage is provided in the child’s new bedroom for their toys and games, which makes the main house less cluttered
  • If your child invites friends to play, all the ensuing noise is at the top of the house, well away from the rest of the family
  • It will increase the value of the house if you do decide to sell in the future
In the long-term converting your loft can only bring benefits, particularly if space in the house is already limited, and you will find that your whole lifestyle improves.

Imaginative decor
Loft areas can be surprisingly large once all the storage boxes and paraphernalia have been removed, resulting in a spacious bedroom with lots of light, depending on the style of conversion. You can let your son or daughter’s imagination run riot when it comes to designing and decorating the room. Themed rooms are very popular with young children, and depending on your child’s age, hobbies and interests, their bedroom might become a scene from Cinderella or an adventure through space.

A view you did not know you had
This is the one comment that people repeatedly make when the conversion is complete, as they are genuinely taken aback by the amazing views from the top of the house. Whether you live in a small village or a sprawling city, the panorama that reveals itself can be breath-taking.
 Particularly if you have had a dormer loft conversion, your child’s new bedroom may provide VIP seats for local events such as firework displays or festive processions, or maybe just a novel way to view your local surroundings.

 For home-owners who are reluctant to go through the stress of trying to sell their property, particularly in this uncertain economic climate, converting their loft into a child’s bedroom is a way to increase the value of their home and provide that invaluable extra space.

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