5 Best Beneficial Factors of a Steam Shower

Steam showers as we call it now dates way back in the time of the Roman Empire. From then it has evolved from simply a steam bath that served communities for social gatherings to present time as a beneficial commodity in a household. It has been proven to treat a wide range of muscle and joint pains such as cramps, back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, tension including blood circulation problems and stress. Therefore, it differs from a sauna. Saunas provide an individual with just heat vapors, while a steam shower soothes the body with warm relaxing water, giving comfort and tranquility to a person. It opens up air passages and rejuvenates the body’s respiratory system and relieves tensions from muscles and joints.

1. Clear skin and clean pores. Using steam showers twice a week clarifies the skin color and texture in time. It naturally unclogs pores and cleans out the trapped dirt deep in the skin. Steam showers will help the body to sweat more. As it opens up and soothes from within, the upper layer of skin are also lift up, removing dead skins and bacteria surrounding it. In weeks, you will notice the difference and will have clearer and cleaner skin without any signs of pimples and blackheads.

5 Best Beneficial Factors of a Steam Shower
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2. Healthier Lungs. Respiratory problems are very common nowadays. Air pollution is just about anywhere you could imagine. One of the most beneficial factors of a steam shower is that it reduces lung infections by opening up the air ways with its warm heat that soothes lungs nasal cavity and inflammations. It is even listed by most specialists as an at-home treatment for respiratory conditions such as sinus infections and laryngitis.

3. Better blood circulation. As our body grows old, we might start to experience hardened arteries and heart irregularities caused by the decreased of blood flow. As steam shower relaxes the muscles and other part of the body, it also increases the blood circulation in the heart and helps combat fatigue, breathlessness and exhaustion by bringing more oxygen to the cells and reduces the high risk of hypertension.

4. Relax Nerves. Everyday lives are tough and what better way to end a day is by using steam shower to lessen our worries and stress. Mental health is as important as physical health for it works side by side. A person cannot think well with a worn out body and vice versa. The warm water a steam shower produces has calming abilities that relaxes the mind to produce endorphins in the brain to relieve mental tensions and anxiousness.

5. Prevents obesity by increasing metabolism. More and more products with high calories and fats are being produced these days. From breakfast to midnight snacks, we munch on food that we don’t even know how much harm it causes our bodies. As mentioned above, a Steam shower helps to increase blood flow and stimulates lymphatic system that helps speed up the body’s metabolism. The higher the metabolic rate the faster the body will burn calories. When combined with a healthy, low- fat diet and regular bathing in steam showers, surely you will have the body you dreamed of.

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