Travel The Spectacular Scotland

Scotland , the scenic mountainous island country's known as for rivers and lochs, poetry, bagpipes, medieval, castles, theater festivals, actors, and musicians, incredible landscape and the and the finest whiskey in the word, with abundant natural beauty and a range of sightseeing option, Scotland has become  a savored destination for discerning globetrotter. for most , the mental picture of Scotland comprises the highland, rolling expenses of green and images from braveheart. it is all this and more; from the small but spectacular Shetland 

Travel The Spectacular Scotland

island and pebble beaches; the outer Hebrides/western lsles with golden sands and as heater-covered mountains; Aberdeen city and shire with castles, royal connections and whiskey distilleries; and pethidine for its adventure sports to argyll, the isles and loch lemon which provide a flavor of the rural villages, this destination offers sights to sooth the soul and activities that will leave you blissfully happy. Explore the rugged highlands, go on wilderness trips or sightsee and take it all that makes the country com alive from ancient history to modern lifestyle cities like Lnverness, Edinburgh or Glasgow.        

Scotland has many icons such as Gaelic, the ,thistle, the kilt, tartan print , haggis, the saltier, bagpipes and the burns super but the most of-thought-of  icons is whiskey. Whiskey the national drink of this land ,  in Gaelic mean ‘water of life’ and has been produced since Celtic times, initially as a means of using up rain-soaked barley after the vet harvest. Today the whiskey industry is one of the biggest earners, raking up hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

Scotland is home to over 40 distilleries that are open to groups and individual visitors. No trip to Scotland can be complete without a visit to distillery and the most enchanting one has got to be the glen Livet distillery. The glen Livet is ‘the single malt that started it all’ so there is no better option. Before heading on a tour, remember to plan ahead, allow plenty of time and don’t drink and drive.

So when in Scotland, don’t forget to try an oatcake, take in the glorious sight, and definitely head to the glen Livet distillery for a magical experience the brings to life a legend in itself: Scotland finest single malt.

For visit check it out: 
1- Guided tour of the distillery and vast bonded warehouse.
2- A complimentary dram of the Glenlivet 12 or 18 years old or Nadura.
3- Visitor under the age of 18 years will not be permitted.
4- Visit the coffee shop for the light meals and home baking


Best time to visit:
1-    High season includes the summer month of June, July and August. The whether tends to be unpredictable but glorious, with daylight until 9 pm or later, but peak season also draws large groups of tourists.

2-    May and September are good time to head to Scotland as the whether is good and it dose not get as crowded as in high season. Note that September is deer-stalking season and this can disrupt access over areas of the highland.

3-    April and October are good times to get special offers at hotels and guesthouses.

4-    November to march is winter season, with has many attraction, tourist offices and glasshouses remaining closed. However the Highlands ski resorts come alive and the Scottish warm hospitality and partying sprit improves.

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