Home made skin tips

Home made skin tips
1- A wonderful skin care therapy which offers a glowing skin with banana and hony treatment.
ripe a banana and include hony in it. blend them well and treat your cacial skin.
leave for a few hour untill your skin becomes dry. Now wash it
with normal water. It will bring out a fresh and glowing skin.
2- Take tow vitamin E capsules and mix them in 3 tablespoon jojoba oil. after warming it apply on the hair.
for the entire night leave the mixer on the hair. Next morning wash off the hair. You will get free from the problems of dry and frizzy hair applying this process.

Home made skin tips
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3- Milk is wonderful in making the lips soft and kissable. you may use a little milk on the lips and enjoy the wonderful efect.

4- Take glycerin , Tumeric, Lemon and milk mix it and apply it on your face for 1 hour daily.
Within 2 or 3 dys your face gives shiney and glow. tru it , it works.

5- Take one spoon of curd , one spoon of hony and one spoon of banana paste. Mix them and apply on the skin for 15 – 20 minuts, And after it wash your face. Try it now.

6-Smash a piese of apple, Mix it with milk and boil it. Apply the paste on your face which instantly increases your complexion. Try it out now.

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