Nutrition Now: Diet Dos and Don'ts for Your Kids

Dieting and children may not seem like a good fit at all. However, there are ways parents can help their children eat healthy and stay fit. When parents make the decision to follow through on good nutrition, the entire family can benefit from it.

Do Not Go to the Extreme
When it is time to take a closer look at the entire menu that a child has, it can be very tempting for parents to cut out sugar and fatty foods. This can sound very noble, but the reality is, a diet like that can be extremely strict for kids growing up in a sugar filled world. Instead of going to the extreme, try to find a way to cut out sugary and fatty foods in a different way.
Diet Dos and Don'ts for Your Kids
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A pediatric dentist in Edmonton at Westmount Dental Centre recommends teaching kids about teeth and how sugar can affect them as well. If a child has two desserts each day, try eliminating one. Stop purchasing an abundance of fatty foods, but keep a couple of favorites to be enjoyed. As this is done, children learn that these foods are good to have occasionally.

Do Get Creative with Meals

Adding new foods and new tastes to the diet of a child can be difficult. However, there are plenty of great recipes available that even children will like. For parents who might be concerned, turn to the Internet or a new cookbook that considers the likes and dislikes of children.

There are many fresh ideas available in preparing healthy food that may taste bland on its own. Children can like vegetables and low-fat dishes that are introduced, but it can take time and some creativity in order to make it happen.

Do Fun Activities
Parents can play a role in keeping their children in good health. Try doing some physical activities with the children. Make it a point to walk to a park. Engage the children and turn exercise into a game by tossing around a ball or playing on a playground with them. Go to the zoo or a museum for half a day.

Children will be excited and will spend lots of energy exploring everything. When they get hungry, bring a healthy snack, such as carrot sticks or an apple. Children will respond well when their parents keep them active and engaged.

These and other similar tips help keep children in good health and can keep them eating right. Parents are the leaders in making sure children are eating the healthy foods and doing physical activities. Hopefully your kids can benefit from a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

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