Autumn Cleaning: A Weekend Plan for Getting Your Home in Shape

Autumn is here and the weather is getting cooler every single day. With winter rapidly approaching, it is essential to organize and prepare your home for the months ahead. Go on and plan for a weekend of cleaning and sprucing up, making your house the best it can absolutely be!

                                                         Day One: The Initial Attack
Clear out the gutters
With the colder weather approaching, your gutters are going to get a workout. Get them ready now by clearing out the existing dirt, leaves, and grime. Include the drainage chutes as well to prevent any maintenance during storms.

Examine the weather stripping
Take a good walk around your house, storage, and garage to make sure all weather stripping and caulking is in good shape. If it isn’t or if there are any questionable areas, make quick repairs right away. It is important to weather-proof your house now while you still can!
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Establish an organized storage space
Before you start gathering stuff to put into storage, you need to create an organized space to put everything. Whether you have a shed or an area in your garage, make sure there is enough space to put everything you want, as well as enough room to walk in and out. Storage allows you to get everything you don’t use out of the way without having to actually get rid of it for good.

Tackle your windows
Wash your windows inside and out using a streak-free cleaner. Take down all curtains and drapes in order to wash them thoroughly. Clean windows and window treatments can make for a completely centralized living space.

Ready the heater
When was the last time you actually changed the filter on your heater? It is best to do this every few months to ensure you’re getting the cleanest air and biggest bang for your buck. With the cooler weather coming, it’s best to do this right now before it’s too late.

Refresh the light fixtures
Check all of the bulbs and meticulously clean all of the light fixtures. Dust and bugs like to collect in these areas, so routinely cleaning them can really benefit your health as well as the beauty of your home.

                                                       Day Two: The Final Stages
Wash all materials
Begin the second day by washing all of the fabric materials in your home. Whether it is bedding, curtains, or rugs, giving everything a comprehensive wash will save you from dust and build-up. Washing also helps freshen up the air. This can take most of the day, so keep an eye on it as you proceed with other tasks.
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Focus on kitchen appliances
Take the time to deep clean your big appliances, including the refrigerator, stove, oven, and even the dishwasher. Even though people do not often look inside these but you, cleaning them thoroughly can really help them keep their value and sparkle.

Strike the carpets and floors
If you have carpeting, now is the time to vacuum and shampoo those carpets. If you have any other type of flooring, sweep and mop even the tiniest of corners. Get rid of all dirt and grime for gleaming floors.

Go through the closets
Look through everything in your closets and pick what you need or don’t need. It is a perfect time to stop holding on to the things you actually never use. Determine what to put into storage, what to donate, what needs to actually be tossed, and what you can keep. You will be surprised how much space you can open up.

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