6 Healthy Foods to Give Your Toddler

It is hard to push your children eat the right and nutritious food that they need. Because most of the time, toddler can be so picky when it comes to eating. But since you are a mom and it is your responsibility in keeping them healthy, you should be strict and explain to them properly that they needed to eat nutritious and healthy food because it will help them in growing.

Here are some healthy foods that you can provide with your kids. These foods will surely supply their needs as they grow too fast and active.
6 Healthy Foods
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1.    Coconut - Preparing and adding coconut into your children's meal is very beneficial. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that are similar to those found in human breast milk that is so good to your kids' health. Coconut is known because all of its forms are very useful and valuable. You can use and serve everything of it on your table -from meat, water, milk, and oil. It is also good in replenishing natural salts in our body when we became dehydrated because it is a good source of electrolytes.

2.    Tomatoes - Toddlers need to fight the free-radical damage in their body. Lycopene, an antioxidant will help them succeed in fighting these things. You can serve them tomatoes that are best source of lycopene. Add tomatoes with their favorite dishes and serve during meal time. Other source of lycopene that you can offer your kids are papaya, pink grapefruit, and watermelon.

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3.    Avocado - When people hear fats, they think of it as negative. But children should also consume mono-saturated  fats because they needed by our body in building nerve tissues. Serve avocado to your kids to provide them with mono-saturated fats and protein that their body needed. It is the perfect source of fats that we all need. You can have it on their meals in different ways. Try to serve this as a spread on wraps or smash the avocado and serve together with fruits and veggies. Keep in mind that it is in the skin that lies the most nutrient of avocado, so better scrape it all out.

4.    Blueberries - Berries are good source to enhance brain memory of your child. They are known because of their abundant anthocyanins, a good antioxidant that helps the flow of oxygen into our brain to stimulate well. Adding ¼ cup of blueberries into your children's daily meal will help you provide them with great amount of antioxidant. It is easy to give to kids because it is easy to eat. You don't need to cook, peel, or deseed it.
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5.    Oats - To help support your child's brain and body energy throughout the day. Give them oats for breakfast. Serve this together with fruits or add this into their smoothies. Oats are fiber-rich food. They are able to burn carbohydrates slowly making it perfect for them to supply a steady steam of energy to your kids.

6.    Leafy Greens - A growing kid needs a lot of calcium in building strong bones. And emember that calcium does not only came from consuming dairy products. Leafy greens can also be a good source of calcium. One serving of leafy greens is enough to provide enough calcium that we need daily. Spinach and kale are leafy greens that are abundant in magnesium and calcium. It is best to serve to your kids because calcium coming from plants can be easily absorbed by the body with magnesium present on them.

Magnesium plays an important role in the process of absorbing calcium. If you are having a problem on how you can serve this to your children the way they will enjoy it, then include leafy greens into their smoothies.

Always give your kids the right and healthy food that they need and they will thank you in the future. Always be a responsible parent that they need!

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