6 Effective Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

So you may be wondering how could those furry and endearing creatures which are so harmless to look at, could ever cause any kind of damage to anything? Also because they have been depicted as cute and witty cartoon characters in stories and films earlier, it is cruel to believe, especially for children that their fluffy little friends could damage something as well.

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However, if you are active in gardening , you must be well aware of the havoc which rabbits create in the garden, damaging your plants by feeding upon them. And perhaps you must be thinking how these rabbits dare to entreat themselves to a meal they have not been invited to! Well, here are some tips that would help you warding rabbits away from your garden.

1 Fencing Is Useful
A very important and useful tip to prevent rabbits and other animals from entering your garden space is to fence the area. In order to keep rabbits and other harmful pests at bay, make a fence that is at least 2 feet high so that the rabbits do not easily jump over it and enter your garden. Also use with 1/2- to one-inch mesh chicken wire  for preparing the fence, this will create a fear among these little albeit hazardous pests and in turn stop their visits to eat away at your plants.  In case you just wish to go in for a temporary protective measure then consider installing electric net fencing.

2 Cover Every Single Plant
The use of half to one-fourth mesh poultry netting creates cylinders that act as a great protective source for new trees, shrubs or vines. Make sure that the bottom of the cylinder is buried properly so that rabbits are unable to do burrowing. Also, it is very important the cylinder should be 2-3 inches bigger than the plant's diameter so that it prevents rabbits from pushing the net in order to reach out there to indulge in their favorite task, which means - nibble!

3 Trap Them In
Since there are no EPA-registered pesticides or toxic baits for rabbit control, trapping them in could appear to be a practical and simple measure. Effective and strong animal traps are available all over the markets of the United States,  that are helpful in trapping pests which disturb the normal working of our day to day lives big time. Lay the animal trap in your garden and keep baits for the rabbits to get lured into. Normally, rabbits are very fond of carrots and various leafy vegetables, so prepare a good and yummy bait to entice the rabbits into the trap and once they are in, shut them tight.

Trapping pests like these however, is not supported by the legal system of the United States as they have the risk of carrying a disease. Hence, they support the release of rabbits and other similar pests. So, choose trapping when you have no other option left to get rid of the rabbits. Also, once you have them trapped, you must decide what you would do with them as they could prove to e a liability for you.

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4 Destroy Their Home
When you shift or destroy the place where the rabbits had made their habitat, then it proves to be a major factor to drive them away. Nothing annoys and discourages rabbits more than this. Make it a point that you remove the low shrubbery branches that hang out and encourage the rabbits to build a nice and cozy home for themselves there and thrive till eternity!  Also, you can eliminate the tall and dense trees and bushes in your garden, remove the wood sticks and piles of debris.

Sometimes plants start growing along the fence rows and that can prove to be a big invite for the rabbits to come and munch on them as well as reduce the efficiency of the fence. Always look for the growth of these kinds of vegetation and remove them immediately. Apart fro this, seal any empty spaces beneath the buildings in order to discourage rabbits from breeding and residing there.

5 Use Of Repellents
You can adopt the measure of applying pest repellants to your trees, vines, or other plants that are endangered by the attack of rabbits. Applying repellants on these plants create a bad odor, taste and stickiness on the surface of the plants. However, most of the repellants are loaded with harmful and toxic chemicals that could make the plants unsuitable for eating, as they could then hard the health of the human beings. So in case you do choose to use repellants for rabbits always read the instructions for using it, and then only go ahead.

6 Noise and Lights
Devices, scorching lights, fire visions or ultrasonic sounds tent to scare away rabbits. So you can out any of those devices or create such effects that create a fearful and threatening impression for the rabbits. This will also help in keeping them away from your plants.

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