Indian Cuisine and 4 Other World’s Healthiest Menus

As we see foods with organic and gluten-free labels start to become increasingly available and pop up more and more in conventional grocery stores, awareness surrounding the importance of nutritious eating continues to rise. However, while many Americans still seem to struggle daily with making healthier eating choices, there are plenty of other countries around the world that appear to have no problem offering lighter, nourishing and savory fare.

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Becoming more conscious of what you consume doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite kinds of foods or no longer satisfying your taste buds. Give your well-being a boost while enjoying some of the most flavorful meals, which also happen to be among the healthiest, in the world. When kept in their original form and “unAmericanized,” Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Japanese and Indian cuisines are quite good for you.

Indian cuisine has its share of heavier, fatty foods, but in a traditional Indian kitchen, dishes are typically made with only the freshest of ingredients, minimal oil and a blend of flavorful spices that also serve medicinal purposes. Avoid or adjust the recipes that call for cream, ghee or a large amount of butter, and guiltlessly indulge in the ones that focus on vegetables and make Indian meals much healthier.
Indian Cuisine and 4 Other World’s Healthiest Menus
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Small portions are a major characteristic of a typical Mediterranean meal, making it especially attractive to those interested in losing weight. The healthy fats contained in Mediterranean foods work well to keep you feeling full. Common dishes of the region include fresh seafood, whole grain breads, vegetables, fruits and beans, usually prepared with local ingredients that offer many health benefits. Although you may love your Greek yogurt, keep in mind that the country is actually careful of limiting their dairy intake.
Mediterranean Cuisine
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When it comes to healthy Mexican food, you probably won’t find it at your local Tex-Mex restaurant with all the cheese-laden courses. However, the base of a Mexican diet (which are ingredients like beans, corn, tomatoes) reveals foods that can help to lower blood sugar and leave you feeling satisfied longer. If you’re going to have a healthy Mexican meal, it’s a good idea to lay off the dip and lean towards more of the vegetarian or grilled chicken options.
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Just the thought of pasta has many people envisioning their growing waistlines, but Italian cooking traditions don’t actually involve the mounds of melted cheese that we usually associate with the dishes of this country. In reality, the key ingredients for Italian food preparation include tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs, which each have their own healthy attributes. Using hard cheese to increase flavor is more representative of the true Italian way.
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It’s evident in the low obesity and high life expectancy rates of Japan that they know a thing or two about nutritious eating. Consuming low-calorie foods in smaller portions and being cautious of overindulging is what keeps Japanese people some of the healthiest in the world. Vegetable-heavy courses that are prepared steamed or stir-fried contribute greatly to a healthy Japanese cuisine. 
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Healthy eating habits are important for cultivating a long, happy life. Lucky for us, the rich flavors of Indian cuisine, instant gratification of Mediterranean fare and the savory foods of these other countries can be guilt-free as long as we stick to country traditions.
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