Use of Greenery in Home Decoration

“Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.” A quote by H. Jackson Brown,Jr tells us at point blank the relation between human beings and their love towards each other and nature. Living beings have a certain bond built by God between them. That bond cannot be explained by a mere notion that living cares for living; after all we do consume trees, vegetable and animals as food in our daily use. It is the bond of care with which we carry them along and nurture them even if they will be consumed by us at a later stage.

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Use of Greenery in Home Decoration
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Green is nature’s color. It is the sign of life and fertility. It is the most peaceful and restful color and it symbolizes one’s self-respect and wellbeing. Green color also symbolizes balance and means of learning, harmony and growth. In terms of body chakras, green is associated with heart chakra. This chakra specifically symbolizes higher consciousness and love. Change being a necessity for growth is also associated with green color for its ability to sustain changes.
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Gardening has an important place in terms of Home Decor. A well maintained garden gives an edge to the outlook of a home, symbolizing lively and refreshing feelings. Home garden is a desire of every home owner. Some people manage their time to actively indulge in gardening themselves. They create a bond between them and their garden as if it is one of their family members. Having a perfect front and backyard landscapes requires not only a bit of hard work but a bit of study and lot of care. But the time one spends to actively take care of their garden is priceless. The feeling of utmost satisfaction and sense of accomplishment one gets while seeing their hard work transform into heaven on earth is phenomenal and priceless.
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Gardening is not just limited to outdoor. Many people use different places in their home to either plant something in pots or make a specific place to make whole area of greenery. There are many advantages of having some plants and flowers embedded in the interior designing of a home. Apart from the effect of green color, the photosynthesis process taking place in plants helps to keep the air fresh and more with oxygen content. Being near to the nature is always a reality check for one and it brings out the basic human nature of care.

The use of plants is also seen in kitchen area. Hanging pots from the roof have small plants and flowers to give a fresh and healthy look and feel to the kitchen. Apart from that, use of photo printing on canvas is seen widely. They usually have pictures of food, fruits and vegetable images fixed in them. People having less time at their hand and going for a cheaper option usually go for these canvas prints art. Though these images can’t replace the exact fresh feeling a real plant may have but to a very comfortable level they serve the purpose.
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