Fun and Frolic During Your Houseboat Holiday Trip

An exciting houseboat vacation is everyone’s dream. In fact it is a recreational activity and it offers rewarding experience for the visitors. In India these beautiful boats are found in Kashmir and Kerala.  Every year numerous tourists visit these places to enjoy a thrilling vacation on a lavish houseboat and take pleasure of the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Whether you want an exciting family vacation or want to go for honeymoon with your spouse, this type of vacation is the best option for you.

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Exciting Houseboat Vacation in Kashmir
A beautiful landscape, exotic mountains, quaint valleys and luxurious houseboats, Kashmir is rightly called the Paradise on Earth. When you step into this land, your vacation transforms into a dream as you can relax at a spectacular boat that is usually located at a tranquil location in Dal Lake. You can unwind your stress and worries and spend quality time with your family or your lover, away from hustle and bustle of your city.
Houseboat Vacation in Kashmir
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Think about your excitement when your Kashmir trip turns into a splendid boating tour, fishing tour trip and jolly voyage across the entire valley. A modern boat offers you a scope to rejuvenate your spirit. Enjoy the majestic treats and cherish the memories for the rest of your life. If you wish to experience a delightful holiday on houseboat, then you must go ahead with the plan.

In a nutshell, houseboats in this spectacular valley attract the visitors from every corner of the world.  Such an expedition offers you the experience of staying in comfortable rooms made from cedar wood and intricate wooden carvings.  From refrigerator, modern bathrooms to personal verandah, you can get world class amenities. Depending on your budget and preference you can stay in your favorite houseboat.

There are different categories of houseboats available in Kashmir. As the name suggests, the deluxe boats are expensive and offer top class luxury and comfort. Budget friendly boats have standard furnished rooms and offer basic facilities. Bed room and attached bath, dinning room, lounge, pantry are available in a standard houseboat. Visit to Kashmir and stay in a comfortable boat in River Jhelum, Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and other strategic places.

Superb Houseboat Vacation in Kerala
You may enjoy a memorable vacation in a houseboat that travels around the backwaters of Kerala backwaters. Usually these boats are exotic barges that move at slow pace and allow the tourists to enjoy the natural scenery of Kashmir round the clock. These vessels are nearly eighty feet long and are considered to be the best transport to enjoy the splendors of this spectacular place. 
houseboat vacation in Kerala
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In ancient time, these houseboats were called Kettuvallams that were mainly used to carry rice, spices and other food items from Kuttanad, a region in Kerala, to Kochi. Now these houseboats are used as comfortable accommodation for tourists who stay there for enjoyable vacation.

The striking beauties of the Kerala backwaters along Vembanad Lake as well as other water bodies attract visitors from different states of India and from foreign countries. The wonderful houseboats are well furnished and consist of two attached bath room, huge lounge, deck and pantry. Hospitable staff, sumptuous meals and entertaining events make the vacation unforgettable for you.

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Most boats offer customized packages for honeymoon couples as well as families as per their requirements and taste. For thrilling houseboat trip, you can choose popular destinations of Kerala backwaters such as Kollam, Alleppey, Ashtamudi, Mannar and so on.  Indeed, the winding ways of backwater tour allows you to explore the wonders of serenity and witness an outstanding romantic getaway or family vacation like never before.
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